Jim Ross has a new blog entry up at JRSBARBQ.com Highlights are below.

On Kofi vs. Swagger: "Yes...I thought that the Friday Night Smackdown match between Swagger-Kingston was one of the better matches I've seen on TV in a while. The key ingredient, aside from the talent both men possess, is that there was ample time to tell a viable story that invested me emotionally into the match."

On CM Punk as an announcer: "Yes...I do feel that CM Punk has the potential to become an entertaining and informative color analyst on WWE TV. The key is going to be for Punk to put in the same amount of effort into becoming a skilled broadcaster that he did in becoming a wrestler. We saw Punk evolve from beginner to Indy star to World Champion in WWE. It is arguably easier for a beginning broadcaster to become proficient in a two man booth as opposed to a three man booth but it can be done. "

On his WWE Status: "Yes...I am still happily employed by WWE and love every minute of it. So that means that I am NOT retired nor do I have any plans to check out any time soon. Believe it or not, I get asked this question here on the site or via Twitter every day. I am very happy with my WWE status and am pleased to be able to be still playing for the team that I contributed to in my own, small way."

Brock Lesnar's WWE-UFC Future: "Read on Yahoo Sports where UFC President Dana White and former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar haven't spoken since Brock's last fight. Not sure what to read into that except it is somewhat unusual for the head honcho and one of his company's biggest attractions to not be communicating directly. Knowing Brock, he's probably in the woods in some isolated place hunting deer or some other big game. Both Lesnar and White are unique individuals with strong personalties but I would think that they will be speaking sooner than later about Brock's long term future and next opponent ... To me Brock Lesnar's next opponent is a no brainer. It should be Frank Mir who is as good as they come in verbally selling a PPV fight in UFC. Mir hung Lesnar's first loss on Brock to which the Minnesotan avenged evening their personal score at 1-1. Why not have the 'rubber match?'

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