We noted yesterday here on the website that Matt Hardy mentioned recently that he would be filming an episode of NBC's Marriage Ref with "Kimo". The show will likely air next month. In an update on this, Gregory Helms and several others took part in the taping as well. The shoot took place on Saturday inside a wrestling ring on Matt Hardy's North Carolina property. "Had a blast being a part of NBC's "Marriage Ref" shoot today featuring Kimo in my BCR Dome.. Me, Helms, Shatter & Aden worked Kimo hard.", Hardy said via Twitter.

Over the weekend, Chris Jericho asked MVP via twitter if he was still with WWE. Jericho asked, "are you still with the company?" to which MVP replied, "Barely it would seem. Just barely."

Later that day, a fan asked MVP why he gets "screwed over" on SmackDown! each week. MVP's reply? "If you find out let me know please! Lol."

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