Tim Era sent in this report:

Hello, just got back from the WWE Raw house show in Salisbury, MD. It was the debut of Juan Cena, taking on The Miz and Wade Barrett in a Triple Threat match for the WWE title.

Cena came out to his same music wearing the same clothes but had a mask on that matched his purple outfit. Barrett got on the mic and asked the crowd if he's suppose to believe that this isn't John Cena, to which Cena grabbed the mic and replied "yes" in Spanish. The Miz won that match and cut a real good promo on how nobody in the locker room thought he would amount to nothing. He will probably say the exact thing on Raw tomorrow night, because the crowd was really into what he was saying.

I guess this was a fun way to still have John Cena on the House Shows without ignoring the storyline where he is fired. It reminds me when Hogan came back as Mr. America, its the same exact mask just a different color.

As for the rest of the card, Nexus defended the tag titles againt Santino and Kozlof, some new guy beat Goldust, Natalya made Alicia Fox tap out to the sharpshooter for the Divas title, Daniel Bryan made Ted Debiase tap out for the US title, R Truth beat Zack Ryder in a dance off then pinned him in a match, and Sheamus beat John Morrison. All in all a pretty fun show.

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