Tonight's three hour King of the Ring episode of Monday Night Raw kicked off with Alex Riley announcing a celebration party for our new champ The Miz, which never happened. The Raw GM instead granted Jerry Lawler a shot at the championship in a TLC match against him. Cena made his Raw run-in by costing a Slater and Gabriel their match against Mark Henry and Yoshi Tatsu.

Cena was called out by Barrett only to appear on the Titantron, and be threatened by Nexus. WWE superstars came to the rescue, laying out the remaining Nexus members including Justin Gabriel who got his head put through the passengers window of a limo in the parking lot.

-Del Rio advanced by making Daniel Bryan tap out

-Morrison advanced by defeating Cody Rhodes

-Drew McIntyre and Ezekial Jackson eliminate each other from the entire tournament via a double count out, (That's a new one...) Which means that the winner of the Sheamus and Kofi Kingston match immediately advances to the finals

-Morrison defeated Alberto Del Rio to fight for the title of King of the Ring against Sheamus

-Sheamus defeated Morrison in a clean win to become our 2010 KOTR

Finally, Miz and Lawler had a pretty good match, with Miz retaining his championship, though Lawler got the best of Micheal Cole, who cost him the match.

So what did you think of tonight's King of the Ring episode of Raw? What are your thoughts on Miz, Cena, and WWE's newest KOTR, Sheamus? Leave your comments below!

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