Source: PWInsider

-- Forbes listed Linda McMahon on their "Top 10 Biggest CEO screw ups of 2010" lists. Linda was at #9 for saying she didn't know that WWE paid some employees minimum wage and had no idea what Connecticut's minimum wage is.

-- Seth Rollins, who was rumored for Season 4 of WWE NXT but didn't make the cut, tweeted, "Today is just one of those days where I hate everything and everyone." Seth Rollins is former ROH World Champion Tyler Black. There was a rumor this afternoon that Michael Cole was going to be the "Pro" and Seth Rollins/Tyler Black was to be the rookie but those plans were scrapped at some point today at the NXT/SD! tapings.

-- Police believe that there were two shooters in the death of Hijo de Cien Caras and Adela Luna on Sunday. It's said that they have a good idea on leads into the case.

-- Bob Saget was on The View today to promote his new series Strange Days. During the show, he talked about the different subcultures he immersed himself in for the series, and he mentioned pro wrestling and specifically Dragon Gate USA.

-- Speaking of DGUSA, Austin Aries was announced for the NYC debut as well as the Philadelphia and New Jersey shows in January. There's also a merch sale over on with DVDs, shirts and hats 25% off.

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