-- Kaitlyn, who was announced as the winner of the third season of NXT last night, took to Twitter to comment on her monumental victory. "Yesterday was a dream come true! I am so blessed and grateful for everything! Thanks for supporting me all the way!" she wrote. "I have a lot of hard work ahead of me! Anything worth having is worth fighting for ~chuck norris nxt season 3."

-- Randy Orton is reportedly banged up and dealing with a strained neck. The injury is not serious, but company officials figured given the storyline where he was beaten down, they could give him a week off to recuperate his neck/knee.

-- Fanhouse.com has an interview up with Shawn Michaels where he talks about his retirement.

-- Kevin Greene, who had a couple brief stints in WCW, is one of the 26 semifinalists for the 2011 class of the NFL Hall of Fame.

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