-- Sho Funaki recently did an interview with World Wrestling Insanity. Here is their recap: Sho Funaki recently made news by announcing the upcoming opening of his FU Dojo in San Antonio, Texas. (full details at RCW-Wrestling.com). James Guttman tackles the subject right from the start and mentions how young stars can't wish for a better trainer than someone who was with WWE so long. Not only does Sho know what the company is looking for in rookies, but he has the connections to make things happen. James asks Funaki what style new students can expect to learn from him and Funaki explains to ClubWWI.com members. "I train in Japanese style and American style. I teach that. But it's like Funaki style. I can do both. So, I create it. I teach it. I created my own style and I teach my own style." His style has always been unique. Whether playing a villainous Japanese stable member intent on helping to "choppee choppee pee pee" or the sympathetic babyface that tugged at the heart strings of Smackdown fans, Sho knows how to get a reaction. He talks about all those gimmicks, but one that stands out is the famous "Evil! Indeed!" gimmick that saw him and partner, Taka Michinoku, lip sync to an English dubbed voice proclaiming to be evil. "That was Shane McMahon. I think so. Shane, yeah. He came in the building at a live show. Raw live. Shane McMahon came up to us, 'Hey guys. Today, you guys don't have to talk. You guys grab a microphone but just, you know, don't speak. But don't worry about it.' We thought it was a joke. But other creative team guy told me, 'Yeah, you guys grab microphone. Start with Taka. After give to Sho Funaki. It's easy. You guys don't have to talk, OK?' We don't know at the time what he's talking about. Why would we grab a microphone and say nothing? How would they know (what we're saying)? But the fans liked that. Like old Chinese movie or old Japanese movie, you know?" From evil to announcing…or, reporting actually. After the Kaientai gimmick ran its course and Taka, who got Funaki his first job with WWE - a story he tells during the interview - left the company, Sho was sent to Smackdown where he was given a microphone and a whole new role as "Smackdown's Numba One Announcer!" However, that famous catchphrase almost didn't happen. In fact, the first time out, it was something different. "My first promo was 'This is Funaki - Smackdown Numba One Reporter.' Mr. McMahon was there and saw my promo. After the promo, Mr. McMahon said, 'Funaki, maybe you are Smackdown Numba One announcer.' So it was going to be 'Funaki - Smackdown Numba One Reporter.' But then 'Funaki - Smackdown Numba One Announcer' was born."

-- Edge's victory over Kane in a non-title match on Friday night's SmackDown! gave "The Ultimate Opportunist" the right to choose the stipulation of their World Title match at WWE TLC. He chose his "specialty," a Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match. Also announced for the show is Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio. No stipulation has been announced for the bout. We posted the updated card earlier today here on the website.

-- WWE has a four-show weekend tour with A-Shows on the West Coast and B-Shows in the Midwest featuring a mix of Raw and Smackdown wrestlers.

The A-Show tour will be in Las Vegas on Saturday and Ontario, CA on Sunday. The B-Show tour will be in Jackson, TN on Saturday and Bowling Green, KY on Sunday. Some notes:

"Juan Cena" was originally scheduled for the A-Shows this weekend, but he has been pulled from both line-ups.

WWE is advertising World Champion Kane vs. John Cena for Bowling Green on Sunday.

WWE's A-Shows will feature main events of The Miz vs. Wade Barrett vs. Edge in a triple threat match for the WWE Title. Edge is replacing "Juan Cena" and Randy Orton, who is injured.

Also advertised for Sunday's show in Ontario is Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio and Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler vs. Kaval.

The B-Show tour is scheduled to include Cena vs. Kane, U.S. champion Daniel Bryan, and Sheamus, as well as John Morrison, Drew McIntyre, Jack Swagger, Mark Henry, Maryse, and Alicia Fox.

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