When asked if he will ever do any announcing again, Joey Styles tweeted: "I don't miss broadcasting WWE. If I ever announce again, it will only be for MMA; nothing competitive to WWE. I love WWE.COM" He also said he was a "non-contracted" employee of WWE.com. That means he can take outside bookings.

Kurt Angle recently tweeted: "Dixie Carter, ceo of TNA has made her company better every year. The proof is in the numbers. Dixie continues to carry TNA to new heights. I could never be more proud of any boss I've worked for. Here is a woman with 30yrs of music experience. She adapted to pro wresting quickly. Dixie and serg Carter have given incredible talent opportunity to show their talent. It takes BALLS to go up against WWE. She did it. I love them for it. I have a place to work where I enjoy it. I plan to come back soon. How, I don't know. But dixie has called me about it. If I do come back, it's due to dixie and tna talent we have. I thought I was done, but dixie is the only one to make me think of coming back. I want to stay with tna if I can. I love their passion. TNA has come so far in 4 yrs. This company had a slim chance, and look at them now. GOD bless you dixie, serg, and tna. You are a worldwide success. I am proud to be a small part of tna's success. Keep up the great work."

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