TNA Final Resolution Opener:

We open with a video package highlighting Jeff Hardy right out of the gate. Hardy is basically running down his old self. He also whines about the treatment he gets from the fans. This continues as we get brief glimpses at some of the other participants from tonight's matches.

- The PPV opens, but we only have sound, but no video for some reason. This problem is compounded in that there's only noise from the crowd, and we don't hear any announcers.

A graphic comes up on screen and it's obvious they're having some technical difficulties. Not looking to start things off right tonight.

- Four minutes in and the pyro finally hits, and we have video. Mike Tenay welcomes us to the PPV proper and immediately begins hyping the main event. Taz glosses over their technical problems, and Ink Inc.'s music hits, leading us right into the first match.

#1 Contender's Match
Beer Money vs. Ink Inc.

Neal and Storm look to start things off for their respective teams. The bell rings and both men go to lock up but Storm kicks Neal in the gut, following up with a couple of right hands. Storm goes for another right hand, but Neal is able to fight back with a couple of right hands of his own, a big hip toss, and a dropkick to Storm, before hitting a back body drop to Roode. Moore tags in and they hit a couple of double team dropkicks that clear the ring. BMI regroup on the outside, but Neal distracts them with a fake out dive. Storm rolls back into the ring where Moore catches him with an arm bar.

Storm fights out, but accidentally hits his own partner, which allows Moore to hit a Manhattan drop on Storm, followed by a big leg drop. More miscommunication from BMI leads to Roode elbow dropping Storm. Neal makes his way into the ring and Moore hip tosses him on top of Storm for a near fall. Neal picks Storm up to his feet and nails him with a big forearm. Neal goes into the ropes and Roode grabs him by the hair from behind which allows Storm to his a lungblower, and Roode to make his way into the match. Roode hits Neal with a couple of big chops in the corner before laying in with some kicks and a big right hand. Roode stomps away at Neal and cheap shots Moore, allowing Storm to come back into the match illegally.

Storm uses some of the tape on his fists to choke out Neal and this infuriates Moore, who tries to interfere in the match, only for the ref to stop him. This allows BMI to hit some quick fire double team moves that culminate in a knee drop from Storm. Roode makes his way back into the match and he begins stomping on Neal's arm, and face. Roode stops Neal from tagging out and he picks him up, only to have Neal fighting back against him. Roode drops Neal to the mat and locks in a rear chin lock.

Neal fights out of the hold and lays into Roode with a huge kick to the chest. Neal goes for the corner but he's stopped again by Roode with a big clubbing blow across the back. Roode charges Neal in the corner but meets an elbow for his troubles. Roode tries for a submission, but Neal counters into a jawbreaker. Neal tags out to Moore who comes right in and begins taking it to Roode with a series of punches, and back heel kicks before hitting a hurricarana, and an interesting looking face plant, but a pinfall attempt is broken up by Storm. Neal comes in and they try to double team Roode, but he holds on to the ropes. Neal clotheslines Roode over the ropes. Moore goes to the outside, where he connects with a superkick to Roode. Neal dives out onto Storm and Moore dives out on top of Roode to big pops from the crowd.

Back in the ring, Moore and Neal double team Roode and Moore almost gets the three, but Roode kicks out. Ink Inc. try to finish Roode off, but Storm pushes Moore off the top rope. Neal comes right back, hitting a front suplex that takes Roode off his feet. Neal goes for a spear, but he runs right into a superkick from Storm, and a DUI from BMI, and Storm pins Neal for the three count.

Winners and NEW #1 Contenders to the Tag Team Titles: Beer Money Inc.

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