Christy Hemme is backstage with Madison Rayne. Hemme starts to ask about the match tonight between Mickie James and Tara. Rayne says she's not worried about the match tonight, and she's not worried about James. She says she'll never get to the Knockout's title, because she would have to get through Tara. Tara was brought back to TNA to protect Rayne, and she'll have to do that tonight. Rayne asks if Hemme has any other questions, apparently she does not.

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Tara vs. Mickie James

Tara goes to the outside to start the match, and calls James out after her. Mickie obliges and lays into Tara with a couple of rights, but Tara is quick to respond with several of her own. Tara starts climbing the guardrail, but she's crotched by Mickie and almost pinned. James continues to wail on Tara, slamming her into the apron and barricade before sending her back into the ring,m and following with a big missile dropkick from the top that's good for a two count. Tara crawls to the corner, and Mickie follows, with a big forearm. Tara turns things right around with a couple of quick shots to Mickie that take her down in the corner. Tara chokes Mickie with her boot, but Mickie is quick to fight back. Mickie goes for a headscissors, but Tara tosses her out to the apron, and slams her head into the turnbuckle, causing Mickie to fall to the floor. Mickie rolls under the ring apron and comes out the other side of the ring.

Mickie surprises Tara with a big dropkick that sends her over the top rope, and she follows up with a baseball slide that connects to Tara's face. When James rolls to the outside though, she's met with a couple of quick rights from Tara, before being tosses into the guardrail and out into the crowd. Tara parts the crowd and slams Mickie face first into a fan's chair, pinning Mickie and scoring a two count. Tara picks Mickie up and goes to whip her into a steel structure, but it's reversed and Tara tastes steel. Mickie chokes Tara against a wall before laying into her midsection with a big knee. Tara comes right back with a couple of knees of her own before tossing James into a trash can backstage. They continue to fight to the back, where Tara tosses James into a couple of wheelchairs. James fights back with a couple of rights and a big kick before slamming Tara face first into a concessions stand. James sprays Tara with water before whipping her into the stand. Tara comes right back, smacking Mickie across the stomach, but Mickie comes right back, whacking Tara with a signboard.

James slams Tara face first into a gate, and they continue to fight. Tara sets up for a pile driver on the concrete floor, but James back drops her out of it and goes for the cover, scoring a two count. James takes Tara over to a roller coaster support and grinds her face into it. James and Tara continue to fight their way out, and Tenay says they're headed for the theme park. James whips Tara into some kind of equipment, and Tara fights right back, but James almost surprises her with a roll up for two. Tara tries to drag James back toward the Impact Zone by her hair with James fighting it the whole way.

James and Tara continue to fight with Tara slamming James into a wall, but James is quick to fight back, responding with right hands and a big Thesz press. Tara and James fight alongside of a building, heading toward the bathrooms and heading into the men's rooms. Men scatter from the bathroom, and someone is shown reading the paper on the toilet. James and Tara go into a stall and Tara comes out with a wet head. Madison Rayne is hiding in one of the stalls and she surprises James with a fire extinguisher and hits James in the head with the Knockout's title. Tara pins James and calls the ref over. The ref counts three, and this one is over.

Winner: Tara

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