Robbie E. is backstage with Christy Hemme. He runs down the times he's beaten Lethal, and assures Cookie that she won't be getting in a cage tonight. Hemme says she sounds scared. Cookie says if she wanted her opinion, she'd beat it out of her.

TNA X-Division Championship Match
Cookie suspended above the ring in shark cage
Robbie E (c) vs. Jay Lethal

Cookie argues with Earl Hebner, as does Robbie, but Hebner is having none of it. Hebner goes to the outside, and Robbie tests it to make sure it's sturdy. Robbie refuses to let Cookie in the cage, and Cookie walks away. Lethal attack Robbie from behind, bringing him into the ring and tying him up in a tree of woe. Cookie begins to head up the ramp, waving bye to the ref and Lethal. Shark Boy's music (of all people) hits, and he makes his way down the ramp, pointing Cookie toward the shark cage. Cookie goes to slap him, but he ducks it, shoulders the girl, and takes her down to the cage where he locks her in, with Lethal's help. She's risen up and this match begins.

Lethal lays into Robbie with a couple of right hands, and Robbie goes to the outside, with Lethal following. Robbie is able to score a blow across Lethal's back and roll back into the ring, but Lethal comes right back with a missile dropkick from the top. Robbie goes into the corner, and Lethal follows, laying into him with a couple of big chops. Lethal crotches Robbie on the top rope, and lays in with another chop before rocking the top rope up and down. Lethal doesn't let up as he slams Robbie head first into the corner before hitting another sick chop, and obliging the crowd with yet another.

Lethal hits one more chop, but Robbie sends Lethal crashing into the middle turnbuckle, and begins pounding away on Lethal, seizing the opening. Robbie hits a big running back elbow that's good for a near fall, and he picks Lethal up, taking him corner to corner with a big Irish whip that's good for another two count. Robbie spends a bit too much time talking with Cookie, and Lethal is able to come back with a couple of boots and some right hands, but Robbie comes right back, dropping Lethal to the canvas and locking in a rear chin lock.

Lethal fights up to his feet and almost out of the hold, but Robbie is able to hold on to it and bring Lethal back down to the mat. Robbie yells at the ref to ask Lethal, and Hebner begins picking up and dropping Lethal's arm. Lethal's arm goes down twice, but not a third time as he's able to begin fighting back up to his feet. Lethal gets up and is able to slam Robbie into the turnbuckle, breaking the hold. Lethal scores with a series of right hands and chops before hitting a running forearm, but clothesline and another chop. Back handspring back elbow from Lethal takes Robbie off his feet. Lethal combination is good for a near fall on Robbie, but it's not quite enough.

Lethal ducks a clothesline, leap frogs Robbie, and runs straight into Robbie's back and both men are down. Cookie is shown yelling to Robbie, and she tosses him something. Hebner sees it and takes it away. Cookie tosses him something else. Lethal takes it away and sprays it in Robbie's face, Lethal hits a suplex and pins Robbie, but Hebner rings the bell, DQ'ing Lethal.

Winner and STILL TNA X Division Champion: Robbie E

Cookie is lowered and let out of the shark tank and she goes over to Robbie and grabs the title. Cookie parades around with the title, and Shark Boy's music hits again. He makes his way out to the ring and he's quickly slapped by Cookie, twice. Shark Boy turns the other cheek, but turns right back around to hit Cookie with a stunner for a big pop.

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