Christy Hemme is backstage with Tommy Dreamer. She asks him about RVD vs. Rhino. Dreamer says that he's honestly sad. He talks about Rhino breaking RVD's leg, and how that ultimately made them friends. He says Rhino sided with Eric Bischoff, and that's sad. He says tonight someone has to make the other man bleed. He wishes both men luck and says tonight is the end of an Extreme Era.

1st Blood Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Rhino

RVD catches Rhino off guard right away, scoring a couple of quick punches in the corner and a back heel kick before Rhino rolls to the outside. RVD poses for the crowd and this allows Rhino to sneak in and score a big clothesline. Rhino takes it right to RVD, punching him down in the corner and stomping away at his head before scratching and biting his forehead. Van Da scores a quick kick, follows it up with a dropkick and rolling thunder, and mounts Rhino, scoring a couple of quick rights before raking his boot across Rhino's face. Van Dam hits a big leg drop from the inside of the ring, out over the top rope and on the apron. Van Dam goes to the top rope but he's stopped by Rhino who brings him down from the turnbuckle.

Rhino slams RVD's head into the turnbuckle before sending him across the ring, but when he follows, he finds himself backdropped out to the apron, then kicked out to the floor. RVD hits a baseball slide that puts Rhino on top of the barricade somehow, and Van Dam follows out with a big leg drop from the apron. Van Dam goes back over to check on Rhino, but Rhino catches him with a couple of shots to the stomach and slams him head first into the guard rail and the ring steps. Rhino hits Van Dam with a quick right hand to the forehead before hitting a big suplex on the entrance ramp.

Rhino tries to slam RVD's head into the apron, but Van Dam fights it off and is able to send Rhino into the ring. Rhino beats on RVD in the corner, but when he charges Van Dam, he eats a big boot. Van Dam backflips over Rhino, only to get an immediate gore for his troubles. Rhino goes to the outside and under the ring, where he's able to find a trash can. Rhino brings it in the ring and tries to use it on Van Dam only for Rob to duck it. Rhino comes right back with a belly to belly suplex instead. RVD and Rhino trade quick punches with Rhino coming out on top and he continues to bite at Van Dam's forehead. Rhino picks the trash can up and wedges it in between the ropes before turning around and catching RVD with a high angle spinebuster.

Rhino goes to slam Van Dam into the turnbuckle, but Rob blocks it and hits Rhino with a big kick to the face, following it up with a twisting leg drop. RVD grabs a trash can lid, but immediately abandons it in the ring. Van Dam lays into Rhino with a couple of big rights in the corner before launching himself off the ropes with a sloppy springboard single leg drop kick. RVD goes back to the top and connects with a five star frog splash, but that won't cause bloodshed. RVD goes over and grabs the trash can that's been wedged in the corner. He tries to slam it over Rhino's head, but Rhino punches Van Dam straight in the groin to avoid it, and drops him right on his head with a giant DDT.

Rhino makes his way back up to his feet and he teases a piledriver on a trash can lid, but Van Dam fights out of it, and uses the lid to assist in a Van Daminator. Rhino is still not busted open. Van Dam smashes the trash can into Rhino's face in the corner, and goes across the ring for a big top rope Van Terminator from across the ring. The referee calls for the bell as Rhino has been cut open.

Winner by drawing first blood: Rob Van Dam

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