Christy Hemme is backstage with Kaz. She asks about Douglas Williams vs. AJ Styles. Kaz says Styles is the only grand slam champion in the history of TNA, and tonight he'll continue to lay a path to dominance. Kaz calls Williams a bigger traitor than LeBron James and Benedict Arnold. He predicts a Styles clash, a 1-2-3 for Styles, and maybe Styles will stick the Union Jack somewhere not so pleasant.

TNA Television Championship Match
AJ Styles (c) vs. Douglas Williams

The bell rings and Williams and Styles feel each other out for a bit before locking up. Styles pushes Williams back into the ropes and the ref is forced to break it. Styles shoves Williams, but Williams is able to keep his cool. The crows is chanting 'USA'. Another lock up and Styles focuses on Williams' arm. Williams turns it right around, taking Styles down to his knee. We get some really cool looking chain wrestling from both Styles and Williams. Williams locks in a front face lock but Styles pushes him to the ropes to break it up. Williams connects with a couple of quick punches. Styles rolls Williams up and tries for the Styles clash, but Williams fights out of it and we get a quick stare down.

Williams locks in a front chancery before changing it up a couple of times into other holds, but Styles pushes him into the corner and forces a break of the hold. Styles finds himself almost falling victim to the chaos theory, but Styles fights it off and sends Williams falling out to the floor. Williams slowly makes his way back into the ring, taking his time. When he gets back in, Styles kicks him in the gut, but Williams responds with a big European uppercut. Williams back drops Styles out to the apron and catches him with a big kick to the chest that sends Styles to the floor. Williams follows Styles out with a somersaulting dive from the apron out on top of Styles. Back in the ring Styles catches Williams with a couple of quick rights, but Williams comes right back, trapping Styles' leg in the ropes and catching him with a big clothesline.

Williams hits a big running knee to Styles' chest, and he climbs up to the top rope, but Styles is able to catch him off guard and pull him off the top rope and send him crashing down to the floor. Williams begins to get back into the ring, but Styles stops him with a couple of elbows across the back of the head, and a big second rope moonsault again across the back of Williams' head that's good for a near fall. Williams is able to fight back with a couple of head butts, but he walks right into a beautiful dropkick from Styles that's good for another two count.

Styles locks in a rear chin lock, but Williams is able to pretty quickly fight out of it. Styles comes back with a big chop, and he tries for a suplex, but Williams is able to block it. Styles is able to get Williams out to the apron, and when Williams tries to get back into the ring, Styles catches him with a quick kick to the knee that hangs Williams up in the ropes where he's open to more punishment from Styles. Williams is finally able to make it back into the ring and Styles continues to work over the knee, locking in a figure four leg lock.

Williams is able to roll over and they continue to roll, falling to the outside. Williams keeps the hold locked in with the pressure on Styles' legs. Both men make it back into the ring at an eight count. Styles tries to attack Williams' leg again, but Williams comes up with a couple of big European uppercuts. Styles reverses out of a regular suplex, only to walk into another front exploder types suplex from Williams that's good for a two count. Williams locks in a cravat before hitting a big running knee. Styles is able to send Williams into the corner, but he eats a big boot and jumping European uppercut from the middle rope that's good for another near fall for Williams.

Styles is able to connect with his moonsault reverse DDT, but it's still not enough to keep Williams down for a three count. Williams is able to come up with a surprise roll up, but it's only good for two. Both men get up and AJ connects with a giant right hand. Williams gets up and both men trade right hands, but Styles gets the advantage with a Pele kick. Styles goes to dive out on top of Williams but Williams avoids it, gets Styles from behind and runs him into the barricade before connecting with an awesome chaos theory suplex on the outside.

Williams and Styles are both able to beat the count back into the ring. Williams goes for, and connects with the Styles clash, rolling up AJ, and pinning him, scoring the three count.

Winner and NEW TNA Television Champion: Douglas Williams

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