Christy Hemme is backstage with Generation Me. She says they have a huge opportunity tonight. Jeremy says tonight their TNA careers come full circle when they win those belts. Max says tonight is the end of a blood feud. The end of the Motor City Machine Guns at the hands of Jeremy and Max Buck. And at the end of the day, it's all about Me.

TNA Tag Team Championship
Full Metal Match
The Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs. Generation Me

The Guns run down to the ring and this one is on right out of the gate. Gen Me are able to take the Guns down right away, beating on both of them on the outside of the ring. Jeremy connects with a huge facebuster on Sabin in the ring before diving out on top of Shelley on the outside. Gen Me grab a table and Jeremy begins setting it up while Max pounds on Sabin in the ring. Max tries to suplex Sabin from the ring to the outside through the table, but Sabin fights it off, only to fall victim to an awesome double team DDT at the hands of Gen Me. Gen Me go for another double team move, but this time, it's thwarted by Sabin, and this allows Sabin to score a dropkick to the face of Max. Jeremy is able to fight right back, stopping both Sabin and Shelley in their tracks before wedging a chair in between the ropes in the corner. Sabin is able to put Jeremy in the corner and they hit him with a splash, but he throws another chair into Shelley's face before hitting a sick single leg drop kick, planting his face into the chair wedged in the corner. Gen Me grab a ladder, but it ends up being double drop kicked right into their faces. Sabin goes for a dive only to be met with a chair to the face, and then Max hits Shelley in the knee with the same chair.

Gen Me bring the ladder into the ring, and Shelley is able to fight back, trying for a sliced bread #2, but Gen Me block it, and Max powerbombs Shelley into the ladder before Jeremy jumps off the turnbuckle and sandwiches Shelley with the ladder and his own body. Gen Me begin going for the titles, but the Guns are able to break it up. The Guns' advantage doesn't last long as Gen Me is able to come right back with some incredibly innovative double team work. Max tries to climb the ladder and go for the title, but Sabin is able to break it up and hits a dragon screw, on Max through the rungs of the ladder in an incredibly painful looking spot. The Guns sandwich Max in the ladder and Shelley hits a double stomp before the suplex and bulldog Jeremy onto the same ladder with his brother still trapped.

Sabin begins to climb the ladder, but it's quickly tipped over by Gen Me and Sabin crashes into the top rope. Max slams Shelley head first into the corner, while at the same time Sabin kicks Jeremy straight into the ladder in the corner. Sabin hands Shelley a chair while Max Buck is tied up in a tree of woe, and Shelley holds it in place for Sabin to dropkick it straight into Max's face. Sabin grabs the ladder and stacks it, and a couple of chairs onto both members of Gen Me and holds it in place for Shelley to do a double stomp straight down on top of everything.

Shelley begins climbing the ladder, and he almost gets to the titles, but he stops when he's at the top, and the Guns go to the outside, grabbing and bringing in two more ladders. The Guns set up all three ladders up, and all four men begin climbing up the ladders where they begin slugging it out. Jeremy Buck falls off first, and everyone else soon follows in succession. We get a crazy succession of attempted double team moves, a lot of which don't work out, until the Guns connect with a chair assisted wheelbarrow lungblower.

The Guns set the ladders back up in their particular pattern, and grab a table, putting it on top of all of the ladders to give themselves a platform to stand on. Jeremy Buck tries to stop the Guns from being able to go for the titles, and he eats what I can only think to describe as a doomsday device dive to the outside for his troubles. The Guns find themselves back in the ring with another table and Gen Me are scheming on the outside. The Guns set up the table, and Jeremy buck is in the ring with a chair to break things up. They lay Sabin down on the table and Max lays in with a series of right hands to the head. Jeremy tries to climb the ladders but he's stopped by Shelley. Shelley fights off Max before connecting with a standing sliced bread #2 from the apron to the outside through a table on Jeremy Buck. Sabin and Max Buck climb the ladders with chairs in hand. They both swing their chairs and Sabin knocks Max's out of his hand and knocks Max off the top of the ladders to the mat, through another table. Sabin pulls down the titles, and we have a winning team.

Winners and STILL TNA World Tag Team Champions: The Motor City Machine Guns

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