We transition straight into a video package about the history between Abyss and Pope. This is immediately screwed up with some footage from the last match, which leads the video package to be started over again from the beginning.

Casket Match
Abyss vs. "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero

The bell rings, and Abyss charges, only to run straight into a couple of big right hands from Pope. Pope hits a series of punches and kicks, but Abyss comes right back with a punch of his own, and he almost tosses Pope right into the casket. Pope stops himself and makes his way back into the ring, pounding on Abyss as much as he can, but Abyss grabs Pope across the throat and tosses him over the top rope. Abyss follows to the outside, and Pope continues to throw everything at Abyss, coming at him with furious right hands before sending him into the ring sets and the barricade, then slamming him repeatedly with his knee while his head is up against the barricade.

Pope takes Abyss toward the casket, but Abyss is able to stop him and bring things back into the ring. Pope avoids a splash from Abyss in the corner and comes back with one of his own before hitting a nice jumping face plant. Pope goes to the top rope, but Abyss grabs him and tasses him out of the ring, basically body slamming him on top of the casket and out to the floor. Abyss goes to the outside where he picks Pope up to his feet and brings him back into the ring. Abyss waits for Pope to get to his feet and launches himself into Pope in the corner with a huge splash. Abyss picks up Pope and takes him over toward the casket, but Pope fights away from Abyss and dropkicks Abyss, sending him almost flying into the casket. Abyss stops himself and comes back into the ring with a head butt to Pope.

Abyss continues to pound on Pope with a big right hand to the back of Pope's head. Abyss tries for a short arm clothesline, but Pope is able to duck it and locks in a sleeper for a couple of seconds, before Abyss turns it into a side slam and plants Pope on the canvas. Abyss picks Pope up and takes him toward the casket, but Pope fights back on the apron. Abyss head butts Pope, and Pope falls back into the casket, but Abyss is not able to fully close the lid. Pope fights back with a big right hand, and goes up to the top rope, launching off with a flying shoulder block that takes Abyss off his feet. A combination of kicks and punches from Pope, culminating in a clothesline/leg sweep combo takes Abyss off his feet. Two inverted atomic drops, and a big second rope bulldog take Abyss down yet again. Pope rolls Abyss over toward the casket and Abyss falls in, but when Pope goes to close the lid, Abyss grabs Pope around the throat and tosses him back in the ring. Abyss makes his way into the ring and immediately connects with a big black hole slam.

Abyss takes Pope over the the casket and kicks him in, but when he tries to slam down the lid, Pope will still not allow the lid to close. Pope is able to fight his way out of the casket, and he connects with a quick combination of lefts and rights that stun Abyss and knock him back into the ring. Pope follows and comes up with a couple of big back hand slaps and a 4 up. Pope pulls down his knee pads and connects with the DDE. Pope points toward the casket and the crowd goes nuts. Pope rolls Abyss toward the casket and he's able to get the big man in. Pope tries to slam down the lid, but Abyss punches through the side of the casket to low blow Pope. Abyss sends Pope back into the ring, and Pope is quick to clothesline Abyss over the top rope to the apron. Pope jumps out to the apron and both men fight. Abyss is able to chokeslam Pope from the apron into the casket, and he immediately slams the lid down, winning the match.

Winner: Abyss

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