The referee, Samoa Joe, and Jeff Jarrett are shown backstage with the referee running down the rules. Gunner and Murphy run in from out of nowhere and attack Joe from behind, wailing on his ankle with a billy club. Jarrett admonishes the security guys as they stop attacking Joe and make their way away.

- A Jeff Hardy video package runs for just a second, but then it stops, and another video package hyping the submission match kicks in. Tonight has been chock full of little errors like this that definitely don't make TNA look very good.

Submission Match
Jeff Jarrett vs. Samoa Joe

The bell rings, and Joe and Jarrett circle each other for a bit, with Joe already forgetting to sell the leg. We get a bit of a lock up, but it doesn't last long. Both men continue to feel each other out, starting things slowly. Another lock up, and Joe tosses Jarrett back into the corner. Joe hits a Judo toss that launches Jarrett up and over his own body. Jarrett is able to come back with a couple of cheap shots that take Joe off his feet, but Joe comes right back, pulling Jarrett right down into an arm bar. Jarrett is able to get to the ropes to force a break, and Joe is still calling Jarrett out from a seated position. Jarrett won't go at Joe until he stands, and Joe goes right into a keylock, forcing Jarrett to go for the ropes again. Joe hits a series of rapid fire rights in the corner before raking Jarrett across the face with his boot. Jarrett is able to make his way out to the floor and catch Joe, wrapping his ankle around the ring post before locking in a poor looking ankle lock.

Joe writhes in pain but he does not give up, instead kicking away at Jarrett and rolling through out of the submission. Joe kicks Jarrett into the corner and comes right back to Jarrett with a couple of right hands and a chop to the chest. Joe is also able to lock in an ankle lock with the leg grapevined that causes Jarrett to scream and reach for the ropes. Joe takes Jarrett back down to the mat and hits a senton splash before going right back to work on Jarrett with an arm submission. Jarrett gets right back into the ropes, forcing a break. Joe peppers Jarrett with a couple of rights, and catches a jumping Jarrett with a big powerbomb. Joe locks up Jarrett's legs in a Texas cloverleaf, but Jarrett is able to crawl to the ropes and actually out of the ring. Joe is wuick to follow outside and he locks in a rear naked choke. Jarrett taps, but they're outside of the ring so it doesn't count.

Back in the ring, Joe locks in an arm bar, and Jarrett taps, but his leg is under the ropes, so it doesn't count. Joe goes for a running knee in the corner, but Jarrett moves and Joe connects with the turnbuckle. Joe takes Jarrett down hard, then goes for and connects with the muscle buster. Joe locks in the muscle buster, and Gunner and Murphy make their way down to the ring. Joe takes out both men, but this allows Jarrett to pull Joe into the middle of the ring and lock in an ankle lock. Joe screams, but he doesn't tap. The referee calls for the bell, but Joe never submitted.

Winner by referee stoppage: Jeff Jarrett

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