On the latest episode of the Highway 2 Helms show, former WWE star "Hurricane" Shane Helms did not have kind words for Shawn Michaels. When co-host Marty Gardner asked Helms who his least favorite wrestler of all-time is, Helms answered Shawn Michaels. Helms noted that HBK was an idol of his when he grew up, but says that, "he really let me down as a person." Helms went on to say that Michaels is "the biggest hypocrite in the business" and that "his whole religious gimmick is a f***ing work".

Helms made sure to note that Michaels as a performer was great, mentioning his matches with Undertaker, but then called Michaels "cock-eyed cross-eyed piece of sh**."

From there, Helms told a story about being so angry at Michaels at a show last year that he wanted to hit him, not caring if he got fired by WWE over it. Michaels was apparently having an argument with Chris Jericho at catering and was verbally attacking Jericho, which Helms did not agree with. Helms also noted that Michaels is "one of the biggest drug users in the history of the business...who has snorted more coke and done more steroids" than anybody else in wrestling.

You can check out the show by clicking here.

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