Source: PWInsider

As mentioned last night, Jeff Hardy was nearly pulled from Final Resolution and stripped of the TNA World Championship due to his condition. The word now is that Hardy blamed his condition on exhaustion due to his recent schedule. One source continues to say "something was off" with him prior to the event though.

Hardy flew home from the Middle East tour this past Wednesday and immediately flew home to North Carolina, where he was home for just a day before flying to Michigan for an appearance at a monster truck event in Detroit with Jesse Neal and Shannon Moore. He was spotted heading to his room fairly early in the evening, and flew from Michigan to Orlando on Sunday for the PPV.

After Hardy met with TNA officials prior to the pay-per-view, they decided to back off their plans and let Hardy work the show as originally scheduled. He is scheduled for all of this week's TNA iMPACT! tapings.

Had he been sent home, the plan would have been for Eric Bischoff to come out and say that Hardy was injured on the tour and the new main event would be Matt Morgan vs. Ken Anderson vs. Jeff Jarrett for the TNA World Title. Adding Jarrett would have been a way to keep Anderson protected as they don't want him back in the ring just yet.

It should be noted that there is legitimate concern backstage for Jeff. He's known to slur words and looks 'out of it' many times. You guys should also be able to draw your own conclusions from recent Hardy videos, more specifically one where he bashed CM Punk recently which is below (warning, contains bad language):

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