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Pre-show notes:

The arena looks to be 90 percent full, not much is tarped off.

Dark match begins in 2 minutes.

Dark Match:

Cody Rhodes beat Seth Rollins.


The main event will be Bateman and Bryan vs. Del Rio and O'Brian.

Johnny Curtis beat Jacob Novak.

Jacob Novak won the first NXT rookie ladder challenge.

WWE Superstars:

Tyler Reks beat JTG.

Trent Baretta beat Curt Hawkins in a really goopd match.

WWE SmackDown!:

The announce team for Smackdown is a three- man team: Matt Striker, Josh Mathews and Miochael Cole.

Smackdown starts with a promo from Kane. Edge interrupts and we have a another chapter of Edge and Paul Bearer, this time involving a chair.

The All American American Jack Swagger beat Kaval. Kaval was injured during the match and was helped to the back during the commercial.

In one of the worse matches of the year, Hornswoggle beat the Soaring Eagle.

Up next the IC Title is on the line as Kofi Kingston challenges Dolph Ziggler. The match goes to a DQ when Jack Swagger interferes and applies the Ankle Lock.

Up next is The Masterlock Challenge with Cody Rhodes. Chris Masters won the challenge.

The new tag champs, Santino and Kozlov, beat Chavo and his mystery partner, Drew McIntyre. Post match, McIntyre hit Guerrero with the Future Shock DDT.

Natalya, with Beth Phoenix, beat Layla, with Michelle McCool.

The main event is now a handicap match with Rey Mysterio and Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio and Kane.

Early on in the match Kane comes down and fights Edge to the back. Mid match Kane and Edge are in the back for another segment with Paul Bearer. This time there are two ladders set up and Bearer is on top. Kane pushes the ladders off a balcony and Bearer is now dead, courtesy of Kane. That ended Smackdown and there was no dark match after.

Rey signed for all the fans ringside and Big Show had a autograph session for fans who bought the Knucklehead DVD after the show.

Overall it was a great show with match of the night going to Curt Hawkins vs. Trent Baretta on Superstars. Smackdown has a lot of good action on the show with the tag match and Kofi vs. Dolph.

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