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On Goldust: Sorry to hear of Goldust's rotator cuff injury that will apparently require surgery. This is usually a 5-6 month recovery period. Don't forget about Goldust's biography that would make a good stocking stuffer and should be interesting reading. He's had a helluva life for such a young man. hate to see any one hurt especially someone who has worked so hard to become relevant again. Last time I saw Goldust he was in, without question, the best physical shape of his life. Some day Goldust will likely be a great coach/teacher of the biz.

On The Miz: WWE Champ The Miz gets a shot on TMZ later today (Wednesday) which he will no doubt knock it out of the park. Miz was tremendous on the Food Network cooking show, 'Dinner Impossible,' that we did a year ago at Summer Slam. He stole that show with ease and will like do the same on TMZ TV later today. Miz is a work in progress and it should be encouraging for WWE fans of just how good Miz can become in time if he stays healthy and focused on becoming the best antagonist in the biz.

On Rey Mysterio: An emailer asked me why Rey Mysterio has become so popular while many of his fellow Lucha Libra stars did not become bigger in the USA. Firstly, Rey has 'it' and 'it' can't be manufactured. Rey also throughly understands all the ins and outs of the biz after starting in it when he was 14 or 15 years old. Rey also understands that 'less is more' and that doing 2-3 spectacular maneuvers in a match or a sequence is always better than doing a half dozen or more of them in such quick fashion that the majority of the eye opening maneuvers can't be processed or remembered minutes after they are completed. Too many wrestlers today try to squeeze too much into their bouts and as a result much of what they execute is watered down and rendered less meaningful. Over game planning the acrobatic aspect of one's match is a common mistake in many pro wrestling circles especially when talents perceive that their in ring persona's are not established with the majority of the fans and the only way to garner attention is by becoming strictly an amazing young man on the flying trapeze.

On Josh Matthews Announcing Raw: I thought Josh Matthews did a really nice job replacing Michael Cole Monday night on Raw after Cole discovered Randy Orton's RKO. Josh is a student of the game and works hard and I hope that he gets more, higher profile opportunities in the future.

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