-- WWEDVDNews.com has posted the currently planned full 2011 schedule for WWE DVDs, which you can check out by clicking here.

-- For the January 25th, 2011 Smackdown! event at the US Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio, they are advertising Kane as the World Heavyweight Champion defending against Edge.

-- Zack Ryder wrote on his Twitter last week, "Arguing with the girlfriend. Mid argument she says 'were you on Monday night Raw last night?' I had no comeback."

-- Don West spoke to the In The Room podcast, here are some highlights:

On changes since TNA's origin: "As somebody who has been there from the beginning and seen what it could be like and how far it could go, the exposure has been incredible. I remember doing these shows Wednesday nights at the Fairgrounds in Nashville. Just the exposure has been unreal. Just the perception is so different. It's just been phenomenal."

TNA going live on Spike TV: "When it's live it's just a whole different field. It seems like everybody just fine-tunes a little more and your senses are just alerted a little bit more. At this point, the company is good where it is at."

On his time with Amazing Red: "Timing was just bad on that. At the time they hadn't started me on the road yet. Vince Russo came to me remembering how I had always been an Amazing Red fan, standing on the tables back in the day going, 'GO RED GO.' I think the concept was good as far as me being his voice-piece, but the concept was sort of off in that I was never supposed to be his manager. I was supposed to be his promoter."

On Jeremy Borash: "I don't know how JB does the schedule. He's a man amongst boys."

You can check out the full show by clicking here.

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