WWE SmackDown! superstar Alberto Del Rio recently sat down with Slam! Wrestling to plug this Saturday's Tribute to the Troops event. The show airs on NBC. Check out some highlights below:

On working in Mexico:

"To develop my character, I only used experiences from people I hate. That's making my job really easy. All your life, you have the chance to know people where you hate the way they talk, the way they walk, the way they express themselves and that's what I do to develop my character. I just remember people I hate through the years and that's Alberto Del Rio right there."

On advice from Vince McMahon:

"Before my debut, Mr. McMahon told me, 'You gotta believe to make people believe.' When he told me that, I was like, 'Okay, all that I need is to believe my character.' ... That's what I do every time I go out, I really believe I'm Alberto Del Rio. I really believe I have all those cars, all those millions."

On becoming a top star:

"That's the reason I came here, that's the reason I left everything behind - my friends, my family, my house in Mexico, my status. I was a big superstar in Mexico and when I came to WWE, no one knew me. Now I'm building my career here in the States, little by little and I'm sure I'm going to be one of the main guys pretty soon."

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