Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

-- Todd Grisham was officially removed from the SmackDown! announce team last week in favor of Josh Matthews. The move isn't considered a surprise as Vince McMahon has been unhappy with his work in recent weeks. It was suggested to Grisham that he apply for a full-time position with the Fox Soccer Channel his other job because it would come across better that he ask to work full-time and give up wrestling while still on the air than after.

-- The Undertaker has began physical therapy for his shoulder and is said to be doing all he can to be healthy enough to compete at WrestleMania XXVII.

-- Note from Ryan Clark: I am taking the train down to NYC tomorrow (Saturday) for the ROH Final Battle i-PPV and would love to meet up with some of you prior to the event. Dinner and drinks on me! Email me at for more details. Please note that my train leaves at 1:00EST and doesn't arrive back here in Albany, NY until 2:30AM Sunday morning. With that being said, news will be very slow tomorrow (Saturday). I'll update everything + post my ROH thoughts on Sunday morning. I'll also post as much as I can tomorrow morning before I leave.

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