-- As noted earlier here on the website, Big Show and Randy Orton have been announced as this year's WWE representatives at the annual Washington Auto Show at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington D.C. Big Show will be appearing at the event on Wednesday, Feb. 2. while "The Viper" will be there the following day.

-- Note from Ryan Clark: I am taking the train down to NYC today for the ROH Final Battle i-PPV tonight. I'd order this PPV (GoFightLive.tv) if you want to see some really good wrestling. This is a HUGE card that is stacked from top to bottom and should be amazing. I am leaving here shortly and my train doesn't arrive back here in Albany, NY until 2:30AM tonight/tomorrow morning. With that being said, news will be very slow for the remainder of today. I'll update everything + post my ROH thoughts tomorrow (Sunday) morning. Thanks for your continued support of the website and we'll see you tomorrow!!

-- It was announced on this week's episode of SmackDown! that Ezekiel Jackson has joined the Friday night brand. He will make his debut on next week's show.

-- Kevin Nash will be starring in The Almighty Thor for The Asylum. The Asylum is the company that does straight-to-video knockoffs of big-budget movies like Transmorphers, Mega Piranha, Paranormal Entity and Snakes on a Train.

-- Brian Fritz has an interview with Taz about his wrestling finishing school. You can check it out at fanhouse.com

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