Credit: Michael Ornelas

Match #1: All Night Express vs. Adam Cole & Kyle O'Reilly

I'm so sorry everyone, my feed didn't come in until about 6:45. I join you with this match already in progress. Kenny King is working over O'Reilly. Tag to Titus and O'Reilly dodges the double team maneuver. King clotheslines Titus. Chain of dragon screw leg whips and a tag to Cole. Takes care of Titus and hops the rope DDT-ing KING ONTO THE APRON! Kick to the head of Titus from the outside! Kyle gets 3 consecutive Butterfly suplexes on Titus! Missile Dropkick running on the apron to King seated on the outside!!! Flying crossbody on Titus for 2 from Cole! Lots of nearfalls and big spots here! Swinging DDT from O'Reilly! Superkick from Cole to Titus! All four men are down! Plenty of "this is awesome" chants through what I've seen. More combination moves and kickouts! Fireman carry into a Superkick with O'Reilly and Cole gets 2 on King! Titus saves King from a wheelbarrow move and dropkicks Cole in the face! They hit a Doomsday Powerbomb combination for the 3 count!

Result: The All Night Express via pinfall @ ??:??.
Rating: I apologize that I was unable to see the full match. I can't rate this for that reason, but from what I saw, I'll give it 3 and a half dragons.
My thoughts: Fun last 7 or 8 minutes. I look forward to seeing the start. Cole and O'Reilly will be a forced to be reckoned with in the new year. Take my word for it.

Match #2: TJ Perkins vs. Colt Cabana

Announcer hypes how young TJP is while Colt plays with TJP. Eventually TJP sees an out, cartwheels, and hits Colt with a dropkick. Colt regains control, but after a whip, TJ stalls in the ropes, Cabana charges, flip over, duck, and another standoff. Fun start. My stream has now frozen...back and Perkins gets a nice headscissor takeover at the end of a combo. Series of 1 counts with Colt and Remsburg. Colt gets in a 69 headstand...and then a 2 count. Colt gets TJP in a surfboard and drops him into a body scissors. Pin for 2. Perkins flips out, grabs Colt's boot, flips over, cartwheel, and another standoff. Colt Cabana chants get dueling TJP(erkins) chants. Colt has the arm and is in control. TJP up and goes for a shoulder tackle. Cabana doesn't go down. He has the wrist. TJP reverses with a side headlock takeover. Series of 1 counts again. Perkins gets control of the legs and more 2 counts. Monkey flip, body scissors (man there's a lot happening here!), more chain wrestling. TJP tries for a victory roll but Colt gets a Billy Goat's Curse! Perkins gets the bottom rope. Elbow to Colt. Some acrobatics and a BIG chop. Flip Flop from Cabana! Colt tries for a Flying Asshole but gets a double stomp from the corner. 2 count from TJP. More chain wrestling that sees Colt get an effective pin, locking the wrists for 3 on TJP.

Result: Colt Cabana via pinfall @ 8:30.

My thoughts: Lots of great back and forth action here. TJP looked great in defeat and Cabana entertained as always. I hope this leads to Perkins as a regular in Ring of Honor.

We get the same recap of the Del Rey/Haze rivalry that we saw on HDNet on Monday. It's a little longer this time though.

Match #3: Sara Del Rey & Serena Deeb vs. Daizee Haze & Awesome Kong

I see Deeb's not wasting any time in growing her hair back out. Daizee's music starts, but instead it goes into what I presume to be Kong's music. STREAMERS FOR KONG! Heh. Haze and Kong have matching gear. "f--k THE DIVAS" *clap clap clapclapclap*. Haze and Del Rey start.

They lock up and Del Rey hits a double-handed chokebomb. Daizee then proceeds to use momentum to reverse everything Sara does before hitting a Hurracanrana from the top rope. Tag to Serena. Haze turns her back to tag Kong but Deeb gets her from behind. "CM Punk" chants. Thesz press from Daizee. Sentons get 2 on Deeb. Front facelock by Daizee and before she can tag Kong, Rey knocks her off the apron. Tag to Sara. Abdominal Stretch on Haze. SERENA'S CHEATING! GIVING HER LEVERAGE IS UNFAIR!! Tag to Deeb. Abdominal Stretch on Haze, and this time SARA CHEATS! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!! Tag to Sara. I think I know where this is going. Yes, I do. Abdominal Stretch. I'm going to guess they get caught cheating? No! Daizee gets a roll up, but the ref's distracted with Kong. Tag to Deeb. Stays in control of Haze and gets her in a Tree of Woe. Daizee hits a NICE cutter pushing off of the top turnbuckle! HOT TAG TO KONG! Kong eats a boot by Sara but knocks her down anyways. KONG SPLASH! 1...2...Kickout! "Kong's gonna kill you" chant! Big clothesline to Sara! Del Rey up after a boot from the ground. Goes for a clothesline by Kong hits the IMPLANT BUSTER!!! 1...2....Kickout by Sara!! Tag to Haze! Senton from Kong's shoulders! Pin attempt broken up by Serena. Haze gets a heart punch, Kong gets a spinning back fist! Kick from Daizee and leg drop by Kong. Haze and Del Rey back at it. Haze gets a roll-up for 2! Back up, and Sara hits a ROYAL BUTTERFLY!! 1....2...HAZE KICKED OUT! PILEDRIVER ON HAZE! Kong breaks up the pin at the last second. DEEB SPEARS KONG!! NASTY LOOKING PILEDRIVER!! Haze might be dead...and that's good for 3!

Result: Sara Del Rey & Serena Deeb via pinfall @ about 14:00.

My thoughts: Man, I need to start watching SHIMMER! This was a great wrestling match. Screw the gender, it was good on its own!

Match #4: Sonjay Dutt vs. Eddie Edwards

They lock up and catch wrestle until Eddie goes for the Achilles lock and Sonjay gets the ropes. They trade armdrags and go for kicks, both missing. Eddie gets an arm for a second, but Sonjay's in the ropes. Slap to the face from Sonjay and he rolls outside. Dutt now goes under the ring. Dutt comes from the other side and tiptoes up to Eddie. Sonjay looks to taunt the crowd while Eddie turns to see him. Chops to Sonjay before Eddie hits a big Shining Wizard for 2. Dutt trips Eddie over the bottom rope (like in position for a 619, but a rope lower) and gets a quebrada! Sonjay now in control. Chops in the corner before dumping Eddie outside. Dutt down as well but eats a chop. Sonjay runs Eddie into the guardrail! Now in another corner! Gutbuster on the rail and a leg drop from Sonjay Dutt. Rolls him back in for the 2 count. Eddie starts to fight back and gets a big boot, followed by a modified F-5. Boot in the turnbuckle. Sonjay crotches Sonjay over the top rope, then gets on the other side of the corner's rope and gets a Huracanrana!! Good for a 2 count! Some battling before Dutt tries the Camel Clutch, but Eddie gets out of it into an Achilles lock! Roll up by Dutt for 2! More battling before Eddie hits a backpack chinbreaker for 2 more! With Eddie draped over the second rope, Sonjay gets a leg drop and then a splash back to the inside! 1...2...kickout from Eddie. Springboard by Dutt dodged, but he gets a spinning DDT anyways! Running shooting star press gets 2 on Eddie! Sonjay goes for a standing sliced bread #2, but Eddie goes for a lungblower, but Dutt gets out. Superkick to the midsection! Pin attempt kicked out of. Dutt flips out of a German suplex, and more big moves exchanged before Eddie goes up top. Sonjay gets control, but Eddie fights him off. Double stomp to the back from Eddie. Powerbomb, followed by a 2K1 on Sonjay gets 3 for Eddie!!

Result: via @ 11:00.

My thoughts: This was a good match, but its placement behind that women's match hurt it a little. I couldn't get into it as much as I wanted to. Dutt did a nice little metamorphosis from "we don't know where he stands" to playing the heel. Eddie winning was the right call.


Jim Cornette gives us an interview with Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas. They are in Ring of Honor because they're back in the wrestling business, not the entertainment business. In 2011, they will be seen regularly in Ring of Honor. This is where they want to be. They don't care who they have to go through, they will become the Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions.

We now get the awesome video package of Steen vs. Generico. If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend you do. As a matter of fact, here:

They follow that up with this video:

Me posting these are the closest you can get to actually watching, because that's what I'm watching!

I'd also like to be honest (not that I've stated otherwise) but I didn't miss the start due to GoFightLive messing up, but my own internet connection needed to be restarted.

And intermission sees them play War Pigs by Black Sabbath, and Through the Fire and Flames by Dragonforce through the speakers. I guess the ROH crowd loves Guitar Hero? There's a "f--k...something" chant by the crowd. Sounded like John Cena, but not completely. Since we're talking about wrestling, I'm kind of bugged that Samoa Joe resigned with TNA before this show. Maybe his new contract is like the Guns'? I don't know, but that'd be awesome if he showed up. Maybe to referee something even. Or if he chokes Truth Martini out to keep him from interfering in the championship match. Whatever. Fanboy booking.

Kevin Kelly and Prazak are back out and they make us watch the Steen/Generico video package again? Okay. Also, more Guitar Hero music plays in the background as Sweet Child of Mine by Guns n Roses echoes throughout the arena.

Mike Bennett makes his way out with Brutal Bob and looks to be taking a seat in the entrance aisle to watch the next contest.

Match #5 for the Number One Contendership at the next i-PPV: Christopher Daniels vs. Homicide

Daniels comes out first. Homicide is out and Julius Smokes is with him! Streamers for them as they enter the ring. "f--k TNA" chants. Daniels gets an "ROH" chant started instead. Code of Honor followed. They lock up and we're off!

Daniels has the arm of Homicide for a few seconds before it's reversed. Takedown and a side headlock on Homicide. Daniels out and a faceoff. Arm drags by Homicide and back to their feet. Shoulder tackle by Homicide but Daniels gets a body slam. Spinning body slam now and gets a 2 count. Rear chinlock on Homicide and they're up to their feet. Homicide tosses Daniels to the outside. They exchange positions and Homicide goes back in the ring where Daniels is and slaps him. They trade shots and Homicide throws Daniels out. Double axe handle to the outside. Reversed Irish Whip and Daniels hops up on the apron and hits a jumping punch to Homicide. Homicide back in. Misses a running baseball slide. ARABIAN PRESS by Daniels to the outside! Rolls Homicide back in and gets a 1 count. Exchange of strikes and Daniels gets a backslide for 2. Homicide hits a neck breaker. Three pin attempts yield him 2 counts every time. Homicide is choking Daniels with the bottom rope. "Eddie" chants while Homicide hits the Three Amigos on Daniels for 2. Hooks the leg and gets 2 again. Chinlock by Homicide but Daniels gets out. Daniels sent outside though and Homicide hits a TOPE CON HILO!! "Holy s--t" indeed, New York. Back inside the ring and Daniels fights out of a Urinagi. Tries for one of his own. Homicide hits suplex instead for 2. Homicide up top. He goes for a headbutt but eats some knees...with his midsection. Exchange of blows and Daniels gets the upper hand. One legged dropkick from Daniels and he drives Homicide into the middle turnbuckle. Wrist clutch double stomp by Daniels gets 2! That looked sweet! Back up and Homicide gets a Butterfly suplex. Goes for a Monkey Flip, but Daniels reverses. Homicide fights him off and gets a jumping knee to the head from the second rope! Homicide goes for what appears to be an inverted Koji Clutch! Daniels counters into a crossface and Smokes helps Homicide reach the rope! Homicide gets some strikes and tries for a Cop Killah! Daniels flips out and gets a Urinagi. Best Moonsault Ever dodged! Dropkick and Angel's Wings attempt, but Homicide charges him into the ref in the corner! Ref's not completely out, but I think the impact startled Daniels because Homicide hits the Ace Crusher and gets 3!

Result: Homicide via pinfall @ 11:00.

My thoughts: I feel like I missed something, but the announcers don't really contend anything or say a foreign object was used. Anti-climactic...but a decent contest for most of the match. However, I expected more from these two. It wasn't the match I thought I was going to see, and the ending was just odd. I just expected Daniels to kick out of the Ace Crusher because it didn't look very strong. Weakest match on the show so far in my opinion. If you loved it, that's fine. It just wasn't for me.

We recap the Briscoes/Kings feud with a video package.

Match #6: The Kings of Wrestling & Shane Hagadorn vs. The Briscoe Family

Kings are out first in matching entrance robes and Hagadorn looks goofy wearing a skull cap with his gear. They are flanked by Sara Del Rey. Big ovation for the team though, and they get the streamer treatment upon entering. Briscoes are out and Mike Briscoe is dressed for the part. He's got wrestling boots and knee pads on. A sole streamer for Mike, who's in the ring first. A few more when the brothers enter. "Man up" chants from New York City. Boos as well. Papa B has the microphone. "New York City! Thank you so much for being supportive of the Briscoes over the years. But tonight the issue is Hagadorn." He calls him a peckerhead and then the crowd gets loud and I can't hear what he says. They are not too kind to Mike Briscoe though.

Jay and Chris Hero start the match. Hero gets a boot and a chop, then knocks Mike off the apron. He turns into a huracanrana by Jay. Another big move and he holds Hero's arms for Mike to get a big chop. Tag to Mark. Double shoulder tackle gets a 2 on Hero. Chris gets the eyes of Mark, and he goes back to the Briscoe corner. Same chop spot, but with Hagadorn. Mark moves and hits Hero! Chinbreaker by Hero and a tag to Claudio. Chops by Mark. After a pin attempt, Claudio gets chops on Mark. Claudio gets a shot dodged and hits Hagadorn! Tag to Jay and a big toss on Claudio! Gutwrench suplex on Jay after Castagnoli gets back to his feet. Hero in and the Kings hit their double team powerbomb! Tag to Shane and Jay no sells his strikes before giving him a boot and tagging in Papa B! Tag to Claudio! He's not afraid while Claudio flexes! Mike flexes back! HEAD SCISSORS BY MIKE BRISCOE!! Goes for a pin but Sara Del Rey pulls him out! He grabs her by the hair and HITS THE BRISCOE MOUTH LOCK!! (That's a kiss, for the slow). Referee Paul Turner now ejects SDR!

Back to the action and Claudio's in control of Mark. Hero chokes him in the corner. Tag to Hero. Double Whip into the corner. Mark tries to fight back but gets a knee from Chris. Stomps to the back of the head of Mark. Tag to Shane and he gets a rolling elbow on Mark! Tag to Claudio and a fallaway slam! European uppercuts by Claudio. Whips Mark into the corner, but he jumps off the second turnbuckle into a European uppercut! Tag to Hero. Back suplex! 1...2....kickout. Headlock arm wrench combo by Hero on Mark, but Papa B breaks it up to a chorus of boos. They really don't like him... Castagnoli whips Mark into the corner and hits a big boot on Jay. Body slam on Mark gets 2. Neck wrench on Mark. fights his way up and goes to the ropes...right into a powerslam. 2 count. Tag to Hero. The Kings go for the drop suplex, elbow, uppercut combo, but Hero nails Claudio! Hot tag to Jay! Jay in control and gets a big kick to Hero. DVD attempt, but Hero drops out. BIG boot by Hero! Tag to Claudz and he taunts Mike. Jay eats a toss-up uppercut! Ricola bomb attempt but Jay gets out and hits a DVD! Tag to Mark! FROG ELBOW! 1...2....Kickout! Claudio trades forearms with Mark! They both hit running clotheslines and we have a stand still!

Tag to Mike and Shane! Hagadorn puts the hands up and pulls down the straps. Hero grabs Mike and before Shane can hit him, Jay nails him with a boot!! All men in the ring and get involved! Low blow by Shane to Jay!! Mike gets mounted punches on Shane though! The brothers get flipping sentons to the outside on the Kings! MIKE IS TEASING A FLIPPING SENTON!! HE'S GOING FOR IT!! Shane grabs his leg before he could. Damn. HERO HITS A ROLLING ELBOW ON PAPA BRISCOE! The Kings lift him up and are going for the KRS-ONE! Jay Briscoe takes out Hero while Mike gets Claudio with a Stunner! Doomsday Device set-up for MIKE to take out Hagadorn! HE GETS IT!! MARK COVERS AND THAT'S ALL!!!

Result: The Briscoe Family (snap snap) via pinfall @ 16:00.

My thoughts: I really like being pleasantly surprised. Mike Briscoe was a lot of fun in this match (as is evident by the half of the NYC crowd that got behind him). People wanted to crap all over this before it happened, but Papa B went all out to entertain and the tag teams did the majority of the work (as they should have). You can hate on this all you want, but I look for the good.

Speaking of good, this next match (and the one after) have Match of the Year Candidate written all over them. Let's see if they deliver!

Match #7 for the Ring of Honor World Championship: Roderick Strong (c) vs. Davey Richards

Davey's out first and has Kyle O'Reilly with him. LOTS of streamers and "Next World Champ" chants from New York City. Roddy is accompanied by Truth Martini. Davey looks SO serious and a little nervous actually. I have a feeling he's going to go all out here, win or lose. Special championship match announcing and Davey gets "Best in the World" chants after his intro. Boos for Truth Martini. Boos for Roderick as well. More like Roderick Suck, am I right, Hubbard?

Roderick backs away from the Code of Honor and we're under way! "Davey Richards *clap clap clapclapclap* says NYC. They lock up for a test of strength and Strong backs Davey into the corner. Clean break. Kick to the leg of the champ. Davey shoots for the leg but Roderick sprawls. They mat wrestle for position and keep trading. Up to their feet without a break in the action and Davey goes to grab the leg of Roddy in the corner, and he breaks before the ref gets 5. Arm wrench by Strong, Davey rolls through, but Roddy pulls back and has him down. Davey back up and cartwheels through, kicks the hand, locks the arm, and ends up with a chinlock. Roddy bars the arm and wrenches over his shoulder. Davey gets the leg and ends up with his seated inverted surfboard stretch. Rolls over for a pin attempt but Roddy gets the same hold instead back on Davey. Richards rolls over and gets an Indian Deathlock! Drops for pressure a few times before bridging back for a MUTA LOCK (you happy?) before Roddy gets out. Front facelock on Strong and he gets the rope. Strong goes for a Stronghold but Richards gets an Ankle Lock instead. Roddy's back in the ropes. Crowd is silent...or close to it, oddly enough. Roddy takes a cheap shot with the forearm in the corner on Davey. CROSS ARMBREAKER but Roderick's in the ropes again. Davey gets the arm and hits some kicks to the chest before getting an trapped arm cloverleaf! Love that hold! Ropes again. Roderick up and takes some kicks to the chest. Davey goes for a pin and gets 2. Kimura turned into a cross armbreaker and another rope break. Richards works the arm....and my feed cuts out.

I'm guessing Martini did something because it's on him and the announcer says "didn't see that". On the outside and Davey hits a running boot to Roddy against the barricade. "Davey Richards" chant. Another boot on the other side! OUCH! That hit HARD! Davey breaks the count and rolls Roddy back in. Roderick rolls out to the other side and hits a nice Enziguiri on Davey once he chases. Davey pulled outside and Strong hits a boot of his own against the barricade. Davey rolled in and Strong FINALLY has control in the match. Snapmare on Davey and horribly mimicked trapping elbow strikes a la Danielson by Strong. Davey kicks his way out, but Roddy follows him to the corner and sticks boots to him. Davey fights out, runs the ropes, but gets hit with a one legged dropkick. Roddy fishhooks Davey. Tries to lock a submission in but Davey has the rope. Back to their feet and chops by Roderick. Elbow drop on a downed Davey gets 2. Body scissors by Strong. Goes for some chokes, but also has to avoid some pins. A few kickouts but Davey frees himself from the hold. They trade strikes. Davey goes for a handspring Enziguiri, but Roddy gets a baseball slide to the upside-down challenger's face! They're now both on the apron and Davey fights out of a belly-to-back-suplex attempt. Roddy lifts him up but Davey gets in the ring and dropkicks Strong to the outside. Baseball slide attempt but Roddy gets back to the ring. Davey hits him and gets a running kick across the back of Strong, sending him back to the floor. TOPE CON HILO TO STRONG!! Davey lands in the audience! Rolls strong back in the ring and heads up top! MISSILE DROPKICK! Davey goes for a running elbow strike, but is met with a boot! They exchange strikes! Richards gets an Enziguiri and a Saito suplex!! BUT HE HAS A KIMURA!! Roddy rolls to alleviate the pressure. They struggle for a vertical suplex. No one gets it and Davey hits boots before a big forearm from Roddy! Boot from Davey! ALARM CLOCK! This time he hits the running forearm to the corner! Running kick! Up top, DIVING HEADBUTT!! 1....2....KICKOUT! Davey goes for a suplex but turns it over into a cross armbreaker!! Roddy turns it over and gets his foot on the rope.

Back up and more strike exchanges. Falcon arrow from Roderick gets 2! Big suplex from Roddy gets another 2. Stronghold on Davey! "Please don't tap" says Manhattan. Davey gets the ropes. "Let's go Davey". Roderick is going for the Gibson Driver, but Richards gets out. Forearm exchange! Yay! Boo! Yay! Boo! Open palms to the faces! Kicks to Roddy in the corner! Chops to Davey in the corner! Re-reversed! RE-REVERSED! MORE KICKS FROM DAVEY! Big kick to the back from Davey! Running kick to the face of Roderick who was seated! GERMAN SUPLEX!! 1....2....NO! "Davey Richards" chants as both men rest. Davey poised up top, but Roddy gets chops on him. Repositions Davey for something big. Davey drops to the apron and nails strong with a kick! Strong up top and Davey goes for a belly-to-back superplex!! "Davey" chants but he can't make it to the pin. Davey picks up Strong and gets a combo before a HUGE lariat! 1....2....kickout by Strong! Spinning heel kick! KICK TO THE HEAD!! 1....2..........2.9998!!! DAVEY GETS AN ANKLE LOCK! "Tap tap tap tap tap!" HE TAPS!!!!....but the ref was distracted by Martini on the apron!!! Davey kicks the s--t out of Martini and goes up top! SHOOTING STAR PRESS ON RODERICK!!! 1....2........HE KICKED OUT!!!!!! CAPS LOCK!!!!

Davey puts Roddy back up top but Roddy fights back. Davey drops him to the apron! Roddy hits a kick though! Davey up top and Roddy hits a half-nelson backbreaker from the top rope!!! 1....2....NO!! "Davey Richards!" Both men on the apron! Gibson Driver attempted but a kick by Davey! Roddy then Belly-to-Back drops Davey THROUGH THE TIME KEEPER'S TABLE!! PICKS HIM UP IMMEDIATELY AND HITS A GIBSON DRIVER ON THE OUTSIDE AND THROWS HIM INTO THE CROWD!! Roddy tells the ref to count and wants a count-out victory. O'Reilly and the fans are helping him up! The ref is at 19! He makes it in and Roddy hits a gutbuster and a Gibson Driver! 1....2....KICKOUT ROLLED OVER INTO A STRONGHOLD! "Please don't tap!" Makes the ropes, pulled back, and flips it over into an Ankle Lock!! Roddy gets one of his own! DAVEY TURNS IT INTO A CLOVERLEAF!!!! Turned over into a LeBell Lock! Davey gets the closest roll-up I've ever seen!!!!!!! Both men up. Clothesline from Davey! Forearm from Roddy! Two spinning heel kicks from Davey! They trade 2 counts! Davey has a leg hold on Roddy but falls off in exhaustion! Ref checks on the condition of Davey but Strong gets a knee and a backbreaker! Another backbreaker! 1....2....KICKOUT!! Vertical Suplex into a backbreaker and a sick kick!!! 1.....2......KICKOUT!!!! Strong gets a Strong Hold on Davey and the ref stops the match...

Result: Roderick Strong via ref stoppage @ 31:00.

My thoughts: This match should have been 4.75 dragons or even 5, but there were way too many unbelievable kickouts at the end. I didn't buy it as realistic at all. It was exciting, but towards the end I just started rolling my eyes. Superman couldn't have kicked out of the sequences at the end.

They announce after the match that there's a possibility that Davey has a concussion and to bear with them. I almost don't doubt it, but I don't think I could pinpoint the moment it happened. When he let go of the leg of Roderick and collapsed, it was scary. I hope Davey's okay, but he really looks to be in bad shape. Great selling or going waaaaaaay overboard in the match. "Best in the World" chants as he gets to his feet. He looks really upset. As he heads to the back, he turns back to a standing ovation. He looks like he has no clue where he is.

Alright, well that was a great 28 minutes, an unrealistic 3 minutes, the wrong result (unless it was legitimately on account of injury, in which case stopping it was smart). I am SO looking forward to this main event though. Let's get ready for some violence!

Match #8, Mask vs. Ring of Honor Career, Fight without Honor: El Generico vs. Kevin Steen

EERIE! Steen enters with a prelude to his normal theme, and it's the theme from the Saw franchise. I have a feeling someone's going to get cut up tonight. He poses on the turnbuckle with the mask of Generico and gets the streamer treatment. Generico enters to some dramatic piano music and then his normal theme is what he actually comes out to. He's got a trenchcoat and a black mask on. A bunch of streamers for the Generic Luchador. "Feud of the Year" chants.

They spit on one another and Generico hits 2 Yakuza kicks! The second sent Steen to the floor! TOPE CON HILO! Chair shot to Steen. Generico looks under the ring for something but Steen attacks from behind. Generico sends Steen into the barricade. EG has the chain and whips Steen! Headbutts to Steen and we're back in the ring. Generico can't find what he wants under the ring so he grabs the chain again and punches Steen in the mouth. Wraps the chain around the face and hits a Yakuza kick in the corner! OLE! Steen already bleeding as Generico gets a table! Steen runs at him but Generico throws the table down on him! Steen is really dripping red! EG sets the table up and runs into a chop by Steen. He takes care of him though and then gets a ladder out. Ladder shot to Steen and he falls into the chair in the corner outside. He takes advantage of Generico bending over for something and gets a big powerbomb onto the apron! Steen uses his blood to write something on his arm, but the angle won't let us see before he licks it. Steen tears the barricade covers off. Throws them onto Generico. Big pile of them. FROG SPLASH from the apron to the pile!! Steen walking around the ringside area and now has a full barricade! "Section D" chants. He goes to launch it at Generico's face but he moves! He attempts to powerbomb him on the outside. Back drops out of it though! Generico tosses Steen in the ring where the ladder and chain await. He picks up the ladder and THROWS it at Steen. He props it up on the top rope and goes for a half-nelson suplex. Steen powers out though. Generico gets control again and hits the ropes. BACK DROPPED through the ladder!! Steen steps on the back of his neck and taunts the crowd. He now paints the back of Generico with his blood! He tries to take the mask off, but EG fights out. Kick to the side of the head of Generico. Superkick to a kneeling EG. Back to his feet, they trade right hands. Generico runs the ropes and comes back, gets launched up, and POWERBOMB! More crowd taunting by Steen. Cocky pin attempt gets 2. Steen goes outside.

Steen gets a chair and launches it at EG's head. He presses the chair into his face in the corner with his boot, and then it's a flipping senton into the corner. BIG chair shot to the back of Generico breaks the chair. Steen has another chair but instead mounts the back of Generico and tries to unlace the mask. He gives up on that and tries to tear it open from the right eye. Picks up a chair and goes for a head shot, but Generico gets a boot, takes the chair, and goes for a shot of his own. Steen grabs it and gets a the face with a chair! Flipping leg drop onto the chair on El Generico's head. Steen has the old mask of Generico and starts beating him with it on his fist. Generico's bleeding above the eye (so THAT'S why they did the tear). Steen gets a handful of Generico's blood and licks it. "You sick f--k" is right you guys. He's rubbing the blood all over himself. SLAP from Generico, but Steen punches Generico in the gash above his eye. Steen chokes Generico in the rope.

Steen sets the ladder up on its side and picks up Generico, kisses him, and goes for a body slam. Generico ducks out and gets his on onto the Edge OF THE LADDER (AT THE SPOT WHERE IT CONNECTS!!!)!!!! El Generico is BLOODY and sets the ladder up in the corner! Exploder suplex into the ladder! He sets the ladder up in the middle of the ring now and goes for a half-nelson half-tiger suplex into the ladder! 1.....2....No! Steen gets out and rolls out of the ring. Generico follows and goes for his through the 1st and 2nd rope swinging DDT, but Steen holds up a barricade and Generico gets a face full of it. Steen pulls the ladder in between the barricade and the ring (propped up) and bombs Generico into the barricade in the corner. He now pulls out a table and sets it up ON TOP OF THE LADDER! That looks unsafe. The ladder looks very flimsy at this point! Generico does his attempted swinging DDT from earlier, but now through the ladder and table!!!! He hits it!! Back in the ring and he charges Steen but eats a Superkick. A chair is set up and Steen tries for a Packaged Piledriver!! EG out, HALF-NELSON SUPLEX ONTO THE CHAIR!! BRAINBUSTER!!!!!! 1.....2......NO!! Steen is still alive!!! They're back on their feet and Steen dodges a Yakuza in the corner, and knocks Generico onto the table!!! EG gets out and THROWS STEEN THROUGH THE TABLE!! The ladder stays intact, but we still get a "Holy s--t" chant!! Back in the ring and Generico has Steen in position for a Packaged Piledriver and after struggling to get him up, HE HITS IT!! 1....2....NO! Steen is almost dead, but he's still fighting! "This is awesome" from NYC and I agree. They're on the apron. BRAINBUSTAH ONTO THE APRON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rolls him in and 1....2.......NO! CORINO GOT INVOLVED! He fights with Sinclair and decks him. Corino gets a steel chair from under the ring and sets his sights on Generico! Cabana pulls him out!!! Cabana in the ring and he has the chair!! He's about to leave but instead NAILS Steen in the head!! Generico rolls on top! 1....2....HOW'S HE STILL ALIVE!! Spit in the face of Generico! Punch and boot from EG and Steen flips him off. He dodges a Yakuza kick and hits Sinclair onto the table outside! Kick to the nuts and a Packaged Piledriver! Here comes another ref! 1....2.....KICKOUT!!!! Packaged Piledriver to the ref! Steen sets up a chair and gets another Packaged Piledriver on it!! Another ref flies out and counts! 1....2......NO NO NO NO!!! GENERICO WON'T DIE!! Steen surprisingly lets the ref live....for now. He grabs Generico around the throat and sets him up top. Big slap to the face and he's going for a BRAINBUSTAH!!! GENERICO FLIPS OUT AND PULLS STEEN'S LEGS OUT! YAKUZA KICK!!!!! BRAINBUSTAH!!!!!!!!!! STEEN FALLS TO THE FLOOR!!!! Generico follows him out and rolls him back in!!! 1.....2.....KICKOUT!!! First time he's hit Steen with that move and first time it's been kicked out of!!! EG has a chair!!! Steel chair in the hands of EG and he sees blood on it! He's going to swing it but stops as Steen holds out his old mask. Generico takes it, looks at it while Steen begs for mercy, drops it, and swings that chair like he's trying to knock Steen head into the rafters!!!! 1.....2.....3!!!

Result: El Generico via pinfall @ 32:00.

My thoughts: That's a payoff! This feud has been just as good as the BDK story in CHIKARA and this ending was worthy of that rating in my opinion. The right guy went over, they played off spots they've done all year, they played off stories they've told all year, Corino and Cabana showed their faces again, they were full of intensity and hatred, and while some spots weren't PERFECTLY executed, it's a brawl. It'd be unrealistic to make everything crisp. Great, great match, and El Generico is poised to head up the card in Ring of Honor in 2011.

Overall show thoughts: While the "main event" disappointed me a little bit (Davey should have left with the belt. Period.), it was still a really good way to spend 30 minutes. And the last match of the evening (the post-main event) ended a feud that's stolen the spotlight in 2010. I'll be sad to see Steen leave and hope this isn't permanent, because he has truly been one of the best heels this year. The women put on a great match, the tag matches didn't disappoint (both the opener and the 6-man), and the only real low spot for me was the number one contender's match. Everything else did what it needed to.
Show rating:

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