Source: Pwinsider

-- Some people had issues with the i-PPV broadcast of Final Battle 2010 last night. got crushed with orders for the show, requiring them to set up additional servers to carry the live show. It's to the point now where there are problems every time and it needs to be fixed. To their credit, there were only issues at the beginning of the show this time around. WWE has also set the bar so high that many fans get used to that and take it for granted.

-- No injuries were sustained during the show. Homicide worked his match vs. Christopher Daniels with a groin issue that's been bothering him for a while.

-- This was Kevin Steen's last scheduled match for ROH for the time being.

-- I thought the show was very good from top to bottom. There is nothing like being in that arena live. Think of an 'old-school' ECW crowd with no kids, vulgar crowd chants, and NOBODY wearing any WWE merchandise. If they did, they'd likely get their ass kicked. I think I saw one guy with a Nexus shirt and he took a lot of crap for it. I'd highly recommend attending an ROH event if they come to a city near you.

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