Ladder Match for the #1 Contender Spot to the WWE Championship
- King Sheamus vs. John Morrison

The bell rings and Sheamus takes Morrison right into the corner before taking him over in a side headlock. Morrison fights out of it but falls to a shoulder block. Sheamus asks if that's all Morrison's got, and in response, Morrison grabs Sheamus and runs with him, sending both men toppling over the top rope. On the outside, Sheamus slams Morrison into the barricade before setting the ladder up as a bridge between the ring apron and the announce table. Sheamus tries to launch Morrison into the ladder, but Morrison ducks. Sheamus comes under the ladder, running into a big kick in the chest. Sheamus comes back with a couple of strikes, but Morrison spears Sheamus back into one of the ring barricades. Sheamus recovers fairly quickly and takes Morrison off of his feet.

Sheamus walks over and picks up a ladder, but Morrison springs up from out of nowhere and takes Sheamus down with a big splash. Morrison goes back into the ring and sets up a ladder, beginning the climb toward the contract, but Sheamus is in to stop things, backing Morrison up into the corner and using it to wedge him in the corner. Morrison fights it off, and uses the ladder to help give him height for a corkscrew dive from the top turnbuckle on top of Sheamus. Morrison kicks at Sheamus, sending him to the outside. Morrison begins the climb up the ladder again, but Sheamus is in, catching Morrison and wedging one of his legs in between ladder rungs and hanging him upside down, before tipping the ladder over on top of Morrison. Sheamus targets Morrison's knee, hitting it with kicks before slamming the ladder down on top of it. Sheamus picks up the ladder and sets it up in the middle of the ring.

Sheamus starts to climb, but abandons the idea when Morrison crawls toward the ladder. Sheamus puts the ladder on the ground before slamming Morrison down knee first on top of it. Morrison tries to get back in the match with a couple of quick right hands, but Sheamus takes him right back down with a right hand of his own. Sheamus ties Morrison's leg up in the ladder and uses it, picking Morrison's leg up by picking up the ladder, and slamming it back down into the mat. Sheamus sets up the ladder again, but Morrison won't die, grabbing at Sheamus' ankle. Sheamus stomps at Morrison before setting the ladder back up, and going to the outside to grab another ladder.

Sheamus rolls back into the ring with the second ladder and Morrison tries to fight him off, but Sheamus drops him to the mat. Sheamus sets up the ladder in between the bottom and middle rope in the corner, sending Morrison down knee first into the ladder before stomping away on Morrison's knee repeatedly. Sheamus begins to climb the ladder toward the contract, but Morrison is up and he tosses a ladder at Sheamus' back, stopping his progress. Sheamus grabs Morrison's leg, and uses it for an awesome over the head slam. Sheamus picks up the ladder and attempts to charge at Morrison, but Morrison hits a drop toe hold, sending Sheamus down face first into the ladder. Morrison comes back with a couple of right hands and a huge kick to the side of Sheamus' head.

Morrison goes for a clothesline, but Sheamus comes right back with the Irish curse backbreaker. Both Sheamus and Morrison go to the outside, and both bring ladders beck into the ring. Morrison and Sheamus charge each other, and Sheamus drops the ladder, grabbing at his hands. Morrison then takes his ladder and throws it straight into Sheamus' face. Morrison sets up a ladder in between the middle and top rope in the corner and slams Sheamus into it face first before crotching him on a ladder standing on its side and sending Sheamus to the outside. Morrison picks up a ladder and presses it over his head, walking to the side of the ring and tossing the ladder out on top of Sheamus. Morrison sets up a huge ladder in the middle of the ring and slowly begins the climb.

Morrison gets to the top of the ladder, but Sheamus is there to hit a clothesline to Morrison's knee that takes him off the ladder. Sheamus sends Morrison to the outside. Sheamus gets to the top of the ladder and reaches for the contract but it's swaying. Morrison is in and he fights Sheamus off, sending him off of the ladder and getting his hand on the contract, but Sheamus pulls Morrison off of the ladder in powerbomb position. Sheamus walks Morrison to the side of the ring but he ends up eating a headscissors over the top rope to the outside. Morrison begins the climb up the ladder and gets to the top, but Sheamus is in to tip the ladder over and send Morrison crashing into the ropes.

Sheamus back drops Morrison over the top rope to the outside, but Morrison is able to avoid the ladder that was propped between the ring apron and announcer's table. Sheamus begins to climb the ladder, but Morrison is on the apron and he starts fighting Sheamus off. Sheamus gets a couple of rungs up on the ladder and Morrison climbs on the ropes, teasing a superplex onto the propped up ladder. Sheamus fights it off and drags Morrison up the ladder. Both men fight on the side of the ladder in the ring, and Morrison pushes Sheamus off through the ladder propped on the announce table (which lets off a lot of sawdust for a steel ladder). Morrison climbs back into the ring and begins climbing up to the top of the ladder. Sheamus struggles to get back into the ring, and he tries to tip over the ladder, but Morrison gets his foot on the ropes, tips the momentum of the ladder, kicks Sheamus in the face, and pulls down the contract to win the match.

Winner and NEW #1 Contender to the WWE Championship: John Morrison

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