Rosa Mendes is shown backstage admiring Alberto Del Rio's car. They speak to each other in Spanish, but unfortunately I don't know Spanish. Edge is in Del Rio's car, and Del Rio asks if Edge is here to abduct his personal ring announcer, because he doesn't care, because he'll just buy another one. Edge says he thinks Kane has snapped, and he thinks he, Del Rio, and Mysterio need to team up to take out Kane. Edge then says not really. He says Del Rio wouldn't realize that because he's never been in a TLC match before. Del Rio says all he needs is his natural ability. All Edge has to do is ask his buddy Christian. Edge says maybe he doesn't know Alberto, but he does know that he's going to walk out of Houston a ten time World Heavyweight Champion. Edge walks off and Del Rio talks to himself a bit in Spanish some more.

World Heavyweight Championship
Fatal 4-Way, TLC Match
- Kane (c) vs. Edge vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio

Kane goes right for Edge at the beginning of the match, taking him to the outside. Del Rio goes after Mysterio with a kick to the leg and a series of rights to the side of Mysterio's head before whipping him across the ring. Mysterio comes right back with a headscissors that sends Del Rio into the middle turnbuckle, setting him up for a low dropkick. Kane and Edge take each other out on the outside and Mysterio rolls to the floor to grab a ladder. Mysterio brings the ladder into the ring and sets it up under the title, running right up the ladder and reaching for the belt. Del Rio comes in from behind and tips the ladder over, sending Mysterio crashing to the outside on top of Edge and Kane.

Mysterio is quick to get back to his feet and comes into the ring with another ladder in hand, but he finds himself crashing down to the mat at the hands of Del Rio. Del Rio sets the ladder up in the corner, but eats a drop toe hold into the ladder. Del Rio tries to send Mysterio into the ladder from electric chair position, but Mysterio is able to jump onto the ladder, and use it with a seated senton on top of Del Rio. Kane makes his way into the match and tosses Mysterio into the ladder, easily taking him out. Kane is taken out by Edge, but he's quick to come back, taking Edge out with the ladder, then throwing a ladder over the top rope out on top of both Del Rio and Mysterio. Kane teases the chokeslam, but Edge blocks it and hits an implant DDT before using a ladder to knock Kane over the top rope to the outside.

Edge goes to the outside and grabs a really tall ladder, heading back inside the ring with it. Edge stops setting up the ladder to hit a baseball slide to Kane, who's trying to bring another ladder into the match, sending the ladder right back into Kane's own face. Edge sets up a table on the outside and goes toward Kane, but eats a quick right hand to the face. Kane slams Edge head first into the announce table before sending Edge over the barricade to the timekeeper's area, kicking Del Rio in the face, and hitting Mysterio, laying him out. Kane grabs a table, and goes to set it up but actually rips off one of the legs of he table in the process. Kane attacks Mysterio and then Del Rio before propping up the table against the announce table. Kane catches both Mysterio and Del Rio in chokeslam position, but Edge comes in from behind to stop it, and all three men gang up on Kane. This only lasts for a little bit before Kane and Edge turn on Del Rio, slamming him into the barricade.

Edge and Mysterio fight off Kane and use their time to set up a table. Edge and Mysterio get Kane on the table, pounding away at the Big Red Machine and trying to wear him down. Edge goes back into the ring and sets the ladder in place, climbing up and launching himself off with a big dive, sending himself crashing down through Kane and the table. Mysterio uses the opportunity to climb into the ring and set up the ladder. Mysterio goes to climb the ladder, but Del Rio is able to sneak in from behind to stop things, sending Mysterio into the corner and following with a Big Enzugiri. Del Rio goes to the outside where he's handed a chair by his ring announcer. Del Rio comes back into the ring but he eats a drop toe hold. Mysterio goes for the 619 but Del Rio ducks it, Mysterio spins around and walks right into a spear from Edge. Del Rio gets up and he too gets a spear for his troubles. Edge befgins the climb up the ladder, but Kane is in to tip the ladder over, crotching Edge on the top rope. Del Rio and Mysterio come in and team up, clotheslining Kane and themselves over the top rope, but Kane is quick to come back, slamming both men into the ringside barricade.

Kane has a chair and he goes to town on everyone, but he's eventually stopped by Edge at the top of the entrance ramp. Mysterio tries to use some of the stage props to his advantage, climbing on a table and using it to launch himself out on top of Edge. Mysterio races back to the ring and tries to set up the ladder but Del Rio is down to break it up. Mysterio is able to get both Edge and Del Rio into 619 position. Mysterio connects on Del Rio, but when he tries to hit the 619 on Edge, Edge holds up a chair and Mysterio's legs crash into the chair.

Edge goes up the ladder, and Del Rio goes up the other side. Mysterio sets up another shorter ladder beside it, going up and knocking Del Rio off before climbing over on to his side. Rey and Edge fight it out on top of the ladder before both men come crashing down face first to the canvas. Del Rio's ring announcer is looking around, and he pulls the same stunt as Vickie earlier, going up the ladder and trying for the title. He makes it all the way up the ladder, but when he looks back down, Kane is standing there. Kane grabs Ricardo by the throat and comes down the hard way with a chokeslam. Kane hits a chokeslam on Del Rio, then a chokeslam to Edge to the outside through a table. Mysterio knocks down the ladders, hits a drop toe hold and 619 on Kane before hitting him with a chair and sending him to the outside.

Mysterio sets the ladder back up in the middle of the ring and reaches the top of the ladder, getting his hands on the belt, but he's ripped down from behind by Del Rio, who picks Mysterio right up and locks in the cross arm breaker for just a bit. Del Rio looks up at the belt, but decides against it and locks the cross arm breaker in again. Del Rio breaks again and stares up at the belt, before walking over the the ladder and beginning the slow climb toward the top.

Del Rio puts his hand on the title, but Mysterio is able to tip the ladder over, sending Del Rio over the top rope crashing out to the floor and through a table. Mysterio rights the ladder and begins the climb yet again. Mysterio makes it up to the top, but Kane comes in from behind, grabbing Mystero's ankle. Mysterio jumps from the ladder to the ropes and back flips to Kane, where he's caught, and planted with a big tombstone piledriver in an awesome spot.

Kane begins to climb the ladder, making it to the top of the ladder before he's caught from behind by Edge who swings a chair hitting Kane a total of four times, bringing him down off of the ladder. Kane rolls out to the apron, where he's speared by Edge to the floor and through the table that was propped against the announce table earlier. Edge climbs to the top of the ladder and gets his hands on the title, pulling it down and winning the match.

Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion: Edge

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