Below are various Twitter reactions to Kaval's release from World Wrestling Entertainment Thursday:

John Cena: "CeNation. Behind as always. I guess wwe has released kaval. I have no clue why but this close to holiday would probally mean....... That it is pretty serious business."

Jim Ross: "Kaval's release from WWE surprised me. Don't know the circumstances. Kaval won't have any issues finding work. I wish him my best."

Jeremy Borash: "Very grateful to be working for a company that gives out bonus checks at Christmas instead of walking papers."

Shelton Benjamin: "I guess my question is would you rather see him as a jobber for Wwe or the Indy phenom that he had been."

Gregory Helms: "U gotta be f***ing kidding!!!"

Charlie Haas also took to Twitter to comment on Kaval's release from WWE today, calling the organization 'classless'. He wrote, "Sorry to hear the news of Kaval being released. Especially before Christmas. What a gift. Shows how classless WWE is. Low Ki ur better off ... Anyways. Kaval is one of the best talents in the world. No doubt he will prevail else where. Much respect and love for him."

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