This week's RAW is being held in Albany, NY. This city is currently set to get 15-20 inches of snow tonight/tomorrow. The storm is expected to taper off tomorrow afternoon/evening. We're going to TRY our hardest to get you guys arrivals, backstage news, etc. etc. Our guy who normally does live arrivals and calls them back to me is going to try to make it down to the Times Union Center but it's going to be crazy with all the snow, parking, etc etc.

In addition to getting 15+ inches of snow, there are 50+ mph wind gusts here in Albany as I write this. There are also state of emergencies, power issues, etc. etc. that we are contending with. It's freakin' unreal outside right now and I'm praying that we don't lose power here in the office. That would not be good - trust me.

Nonetheless, we'll be here posting news and rumors providing we have power. Our RAW coverage is in jeopardy but we'll be sure to keep you guys posted with an update in the AM. For those of you in the Northeast feeling the brunt of this storm, please BE SAFE. You guys know what I'm talking about with this wind/snow.

I figured I'd post this now to give you a heads up. We'll see you tomorrow (hopefully)!

UPDATE: Just so everyone knows - there is no way in hell this week's RAW will be cancelled. It's a nationally televised event that 100% will be broadcast live. They'll run with a limited crew if need be.

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