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On WWE Not Canceling Events Due To Weather: For the record, I'm happy WWE did not cancel MSG or Albany due to the weather. Folks that did not want to endure the travel issues certainly should have stayed home, I likely would have, but those that could make the trek were likely looking forward to the holiday events and were willing to risk any travel inconvenience. BTW from what I know the Garden had 14,500 tickets distributed for Sunday night in the Big Apple Blizzard. I don't know how many of the tickets were used but that's the actual number distributed so it was a heck of a crowd in extremely inclement weather.

On Lawler vs. Miz: Jerry Lawler defeating Miz somewhat surprised me but John Morrison getting involved certainly enhanced my interest in the Falls Count Anywhere, WWE Title bout next week between the two former tag team partners. The Miz-Morrison match will be in Phoenix where I will be attending the Fiesta Bowl on Saturday night. I'll just miss the WWE in the desert as we head home on Sunday for a little B-Day observance back in Norman on Monday.

On Jeff Hardy: An emailer asked me what I thought about former WWE star Jeff Hardy's 'plea agreement' to a variety of charges filed against him in North Carolina. I know only what I occasionally read on line about this unfortunate matter but if a plea agreement can bring this issue to an end and Jeff can move on with his life then it might be a good idea. Those types of decisions are better made by lawyers and the individuals involved and not by folks, like me, who are on the outside looking in.

On Bobby Heenan: WWE Hall of Famer Bobby Heenan was the best, three tool wrestling talent that I ever saw. No one before or since 'The Wease' could wrestle, manage, and broadcast as good as the Indianapolis native. Tuesday the Bobby Heenan DVD is being released by WWE and I wholeheartedly encourage one and all to buy this DVD because A. it's really good and B. it would lift Bobby's spirits to know that he's not been forgotten and that fans still love him. Heenan's natural timing on the mic was priceless as many fans can vividly remember when he managed and then when he partnered with Gorilla Monsoon as those two HOF'ers were arguably the best broadcast tandem ever. Old time fans will also remember that Heenan's in ring efforts as a wrestler were grossly underrated. Bobby could absorb a classic, ass whipping that delighted fans for years. I loved working with Bobby on WWE Challenge and several other WWE productions including WM9 in 1993. As a partner, Bobby was so unselfish and I looked forward to each day that we were able to collaborate. Our TV chemistry was immediate and unexplained, unplanned and unrehearsed. Bobby was a genius who made everyone he worked with better. Let's hope that the Bobby Heenan DVD gets the attention that it deserves as it goes on sale Tuesday. 'The Brain' deserves a break not to mention a thanks from wrestling fans. Buying this DVD is one way to accomplish both.

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