-- Spike TV has confirmed that TNA Reaction is being canceled. Spike will be airing regular Spike TV shows in the show's timeslot, but is also planning to air additional TNA programming occasionally in the timeslot. "We are looking to broadcast a number of expanded TNA telecasts throughout the year in place of TNA Reaction," said Spike executive David Schwarz.

-- This is a link to North Carolina penalties for illegal possession and drug trafficking. According to the charges levied, Hardy is facing a MANDATORY sentencing of 45 days at least. There is no getting around this... regardless of plea agreement or not. The question is whether this will be 45 days in the hole... or possibly 6 months! (Credit: Doug Lackey)

Note from Ryan Clark: Many times in cases like this the defendant (Jeff Hardy) will agree to enter a rehab facility in an effort to reduce their sentence. We'll see what happens.

-- Hulk Hogan underwent nine hours of surgery last Tuesday for a problem with his spinal cord that had been plaguing him for the majority of the past year. The procedure required Hogan to have his spine rebuilt. He has been updating his Twitter followers about his condition, accompanied by a series of photos showing the surgery scars, with captions including, "This was my Christmas present", and "I'm tired of being cut". You can view the photos below:

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