Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

-- Things have been quiet on the John Cena injury front. At last night's RAW event in Wilkes-Barre PA, Cena suffered what was thought to be a knee injury. While the company has not made an official announcement, word is that Cena suffered a deep bruise and the injury is not as serious as feared. More information should be available later today.

-- The Miz was recently interviewed by the Baltimore Sun, which you can read at You can read a sample below, where he talks about Daniel Bryan…

"We were very cordial with each other, but you could tell on the inside that we were both trying to one-up one another because I thought I was better than him and he thought he was better than me. I thought I was better than him just because I've been in WWE for four years now and how long had he been in WWE? Zero time. He basically performed in front of 25 people at a bingo hall and was called the best in the world. I mean, please, I don't care if some dirt sheet is writing about how great you are and that you were able to perform in front of 100 people. Congratulations. I'm performing in front of 16,000 to 20,000 a night and millions across the globe. As far as working with him, though, he's a very, very cool guy and very, very talented. He is one of the true up-and-comers in the WWE and has proven himself and keeps proving himself and improving. And he really, really wants it, which is all you can really ask for."

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