Jim Ross updated his blog, which you can see at JRSBARBQ.com Check out some of the highlights:

On John Cena's injury: "Lots of online speculation on John Cena's in ring injury that occurred Tuesday night in Wilkes Barre, Pa. I thought that John might have suffered a hip pointer which is a severe bruise. That speculation was erroneous on my part. He is day to day according to wwe.com. Knowing Cena he will be back in action much sooner than many, many others suffering the same injury. Athletic, hip injuries are hard to define or so they seem to be with football players. I certainly wish John a speedy recovery."

On CM Punk: "What do I feel is CM Punk's attraction to the WWE Universe? IMO, it's simply his overall talent. Punk is simply being himself which translates well on the TV screen. His skill set is unique and he is extremely confident in his abilities. The guy is a student of the game and will do what ever it takes to be the top guy in WWE. Plus, he has great verbal skills. "

On the idea that he's the Raw GM: "For the love of Pete...I am NOT the anonymous, Raw GM nor do I want to be. My days on Raw were awesome and filled with memories that will last me a life time but those days are over. Got it?" Note from Ryan Clark: For what it's worth, WWE likely doesn't even know who the GM will be at this point nor do they need to. They can and will play this out for however long they want and then eventually come up with a name to fill the spot. WWE creative works on a week-to-week basis with limited long-term storyline plans.

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