-- Former WWE talent Chuck Palumbo took to Twitter to note that the average TNA mid-card wrestler makes less than $500 per match not to mention that they have to cover their own hotel expenses and health insurance.

He wrote: "Two fans asked me how much a wrestler makes over at TNA today, when I told them the "average mid carder" is makin less than 500 a match...no hotels .....they couldn't believe it.. That's before taxes and expenses and paying your own health insurance.... They were like holy****, we better stay in school.. I said "good idea."

"That's not a knock on the boys....I respect their passion....the wrestling companies take advantage of their passion! Any company outside of wrestling would love to have workers with the desire work ethic and passion of a wrestler.. The ones that do ....care about their employees and give them benefits etc..bonuses too."

-- Dutch Mantell, who is credited for launching TNA Wrestling's women's division in 2007, took to Twitter to congratulate former colleague Awesome Kong on signing with World Wrestling Entertainment.

"Congrats to Awesome Kong for her WWE signing," he wrote. "She was always one of my favorites...glad to see her in a position to make some real money."

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