WWE RAW Results (1/3) - New Leader Of Nexus, Cage!

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW
Airdate: Monday, January 3rd, 2011 (USA Network)
Location: The US Airways Center in Phoenix, Ariz.
Results by Chris Johnson/Gerweck & Thomas Hall/411

"Yes, sir, we promised you a great main eventů"

- We kick things off with a recap of the end of last week's Raw where NEXUS attacked Cena and then Punk was revealed as the new leader.

- Micheal Cole announces from ringside that John Cena may not be on the show tonight after what took place last week. He talks about Miz vs Morrison as well.

- No Lawler due to the beatdown last week by Miz. Morrison takes down Riley to start and we hit the floor very quickly. Morrison fights both guys off and comes off the top of the big W with a huge cross body for two. Back to the ring as that was a very quick segment up there. Missile dropkick gets two for the challenger. The running knee gets two also as Riley interferes. Morrison DESTROYS Riley and we take a break as the paramedics attend to him.

- The WWE Title match is actually opening the show. Cole says Lawler is not there due to last week's attack by The Miz.

(1) Falls Count Anywhere Match for the WWE Title.
The Miz (c) vs John Morrison. Alex Riley try's to get involved but Morrison is fighting both he and Miz off. Morrison climbs up on the giant WWE logo on the stage and jumps off on to both men with a cross body. Morrison nails the running knee to the face of The Miz but Alex Riley pulls the referee out before he can count three. Morrison takes out Riley on the floor with a big knee. Morrison props up a guard rail on the floor and try's to suplex Miz on it but he reverses things and gives Morrison a back drop on to it. Miz gives Morrison a big hip toss on the steel ramp. Morrison is taking some crazy bumps in this match. Morrison nails Star Ship Pain but Miz kicks out before three. Morrison sets up a table on the floor and lays Miz on it. Morrison with Star Ship Pain but Miz moves and he crashes through the table. Miz goes for the pin but once again only gets a near fall. This is one hell of a match. Skull Crushing Finale on the floor and Miz retains his title. This was very good.

- A no. 1 contenders steel cage match is announced for the later in the show but they didn't say who would be in it. We are also told we will get an update on the condition of John Cena.

- Scott Stamford interviews Miz backstage. He does his usual shtick about how Awesome he is.

(2) Alicia Fox, Melina and Maryse vs Natalya, Eve and Brie Bella. Brie goes under the ring and switches with Nikki. Eve pins Melina with a neck breaker.

(3) The Usos vs Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov. This is a non-title match. Santino goes for the Cobra but misses and Jay rolls him up for the pin. After the match Tamina and Santino give Jay a double Cobra.

- The New York Times article on the return of Tough Enough is shown.

- Punk is on his way to the ring. Back from a break with the new leader of Nexus. Punk says he loves being in Phoenix and that he's been busy all day looking for Cena. He couldn't find him anywhere though and that he, ahem, couldn't see him. Cena isn't here this week because of Punk and what happened last week. Punk talks about being a leader of men and that Nexus saw this and they almost begged him to be their new leader. We see a clip of the Nexus beatdown from last week and Punk's GTS. Punk talks about hustle, loyalty and respect and how it's just a catchphrase to Cena but to Punk it's very real. Cena can't win this fight and Punk is taking over both Nexus and Monday Night Raw. Here's Wade Barrett who isn't thrilled with this at all. Barrett says that Cena isn't here because of a beating he gave Cena in a match in Pennsylvania earlier in the week which is true kind of. Barrett also says he's the leader of Nexus, not Punk. Punk says Nexus needed new management and now has it. Wade says that Punk is a liar, including about being straightedge. Punk says let's ask Nexus who the liar is and Barrett agrees, calling down the troops. I like how they come out in the V formation like an army. We get an E-Mail almost immediately and tonight there's are three participants in a match in the cage for the title shot at the Rumble. It's Barrett vs. Punk vs. Sheamus vs. Orton. They finally have something that looks like an e-mail on the screen too. Ah apparently only Barrett or Punk can be in the cage. Barrett says he'll take the spot as the leader of the Nexus. Punk says take it as he's a talker not a fighter. If Barrett wins the match then Punk will work for him and Barrett can be the leader. If Barrett loses he's out of Nexus and Punk is officially the leader. Del Rio is here? Nice surprise. I love that car he's in which is a red and white Chevy from the 1967. He says it's his destiny to be world champion and that he'll show that tonight. It's his destiny to win the Rumble and be in the main event at Wrestlemania. R-Truth apparently disagrees. Truth says that Alberto's destiny is to go back where he came from.

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