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On Awesome Kong: "I don't know if WWE has signed female star Awesome Kong or not but if they have then I think it is a smart hire. After meeting her at the Cauliflower Alley Club (CAC) function a year or so ago in Las Vegas, I wrote that I thought she would be a nice fit in WWE because Kong is so unique. If she does sign, I'd bet a case of BBQ sauce that her name changes. If the Kong rumor is true, and this is just my two cents, I hope that Kong NEVER wrestles a man in WWE. "

On Last Night's Raw: "MNR felt different tonight with The King not announcing and without the presence of John Cena. It certainly was evident from watching the broadcast from Phoenix that WWE is depending on many of the younger talents to step up and take ownership of main event slots much sooner than later. "

On The Raw Announce Team: "Cole and Mathews work well together but they really had their hands full with a ton of info to disseminate Monday night. That's a tough role for any announcer and it's not fair when fans say that an announcer or announcers 'over talked' a show when there is simply such a volume of info to provide the viewer. It's one of those 'damned if you do and damned if you don't' deals. I speak from experience. "

On Alberto Del Rio: "Not sure why Alberto Del Rio was on Raw Monday night but he got a big time presentation and was made to feel special. Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio in a two our or three fall match is going to be right down my alley Friday night on Smackdown. It should be a compelling presentation. 2X3 fall matches were some of my favorites back in the day when I did old school, wrestling play by play. I can still remember a Flair-Steamboat 2X3 fall bout some 20+ years later."

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