Credit: The Howard Stern Show

There was a rumor some time ago that Howard Stern regular "Jeff the Drunk" was going to host WWE Monday Night RAW in Albany, NY two weeks ago. He claimed that he would be doing a segment with 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, something Austin shot down publicly since he knew nothing about it. As it turns out, the whole thing was a big trick on Jeff the Drunk.

According to a source, someone posing as Ron Simmons, and another as Josh Matthews contacted Jeff and tricked him into thinking that he was booked for the RAW taping at the Times Union Center in Albany, NY two weeks ago. Jeff showed up, but when he arrived to the back parking lot of the TU Center, WWE had no idea who he was and none of the tickets that were promised for his family were left at the arena box office. Jeff was seen during the day walking outside the arena on the south pearl street looking pissed off.... and drunk. He had also driven up from New York City during a blizzard.

After this, Jeff went onto the Stern show and blasted WWE for wasting his time. WWE responded to this, noting that Simmons does not work for the company anymore, that Matthews has nothing to do with booking outside talent, and that Jeff would be the "last personality" on Stern that the company would use.

Poor guy.

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