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-- Former TNA personality Bubba the Love Sponge ripped Sirius XM for slashing the salaries of on air talent to The Hollywood Reporter. According to the article, Bubba and Sirius parted ways after Bubba refused an 80% pay cut of $200,000 down from $1 million. Bubba went on to blame Sirius for hiring too many big name stars and said: "I don't have any business on a movie set, and actors don't have any business behind a radio mike. You Hollywood f---s stay out of radio, and we'll stay out of Hollywood." You can read the whole article, where Bubba goes on to talk about hiring big names and paying them a lot when they know little about the role they were hired for, by go to Karma's a b---h, Bubba.

-- Jessie Godderz from CBS' Big Brother has had some TNA tryouts in the past, and started training at the Team 3D Wrestling Academy in Florida this week. He's obviously aiming towards getting into TNA, which seems like the next step.

-- The main event of this Friday's live event in Westbury, Long Island has been changed to TNA champion Jeff Hardy vs. Ken Anderson vs. Matt Morgan.

-- There is an article on Matt Morgan from FOX affiliate KHON in Honolulu, Hawaii where Morgan's time living on the islands, playing basketball there, and meeting his wife are all discussed. Morgan went on to talk about his time in WWE and that fans today want someone they can believe in watching, as opposed to someone just reciting a script. The same article mentioned that he signed with the "upstart" TNA promotion and noted he's been there for several years. YOu can read or watch the piece at

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