Source: Top Of The Line Talent Bookings

Date: Friday 1/7/11
Venue:NYCB Theatre at Westbury
City: Westbury, Long Island
State:New York
Belltime: 7:30pm
Attendance: Rough Estimate 1300 people give or take.

Jeremy Borash was the ring announcer.
Referee's were Earl Hebner & Brian Hebner.

Match #1: X-Division Championship Match
Jay Lethal (c) defeated Kazarian by pinfall and retains his X-Division Championship. (Great Opening Match)

Match #2: Knockouts Championship Match
Madison Rayne (c) defeated Mickie James by pinfall and retains her Knockouts Championship.

Match #3:
"The Pope" D'angelo Dinero defeated Robbie E. by pinfall.

Taz Promo Segment:
Jeremy Borash comes into the ring and says that someone is in the building that we know very well from our area....(Everyone at this moment thought it was Mick Foley and everyone went nuts, until Jeremy Borash announced it was Taz. People were shocked to see it was not Mick Foley, but people still went crazy because fans in New York are still hardcore junkies even though ECW died years ago.).....Taz then spoke to the crowd for about 12 minutes.

Match #4:
Beer Money defeated Ink Inc. by pinfall.


Jeff Jarrett Double J. Double M. A. $100,000. Prize To The Winner If they Can Beat Him Segment:
Jeff Jarrett and Jeremy Borash look around the ringside area to look for a challenger. Jeremy Borash after 5 minutes then says there is someone in the back that is from New York that wants to not only wants to accept Jeff Jarrett's challenge, but this challenger has an extreme challenge of his own for Jeff Jarrett. The challenger is none other than (Tommy Dreamer). (The crowd popped huge for Tommy Dreamer).

Match #5: Extreme Rules, Falls Count Anywhere Match
Jeff Jarrett defeated Tommy Dreamer in the ring by pinfall.

Match #6: TNA World Heavyweight Championship 3-Way Match
Jeff Hardy (c) defeated "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan & Ken Anderson by pinning Ken Anderson.

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