Angelina Pivarnick of MTV's Jersey Shore has been in discussions with TNA Wrestling officials the past week, reports

However, unlike Jwoww's few second brawl with TNA Knockout Cookie on the October 14, 2010 episode of TNA iMPACT!, Pivarnick wants to compete in a legitimate wrestling match.

TNA officials are contemplating pitting Pivarnick against Cookie in a pay-per-view bout.

Of course we'll see a ton of comments with people calling this crazy, stupid, etc. etc. but keep in mind that the season premiere of Jersey Shore last Thursday drew an INSANE 8+ million viewers. The show is very popular and features fans that are within TNA's core demographic. It's a very smart move for TNA to try and capitalize off this. The fact that TMZ is covering it already makes it worth it in the end. I'm no fan of the show (can't STAND it to be honest) but it really is a perfect match.

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