Partial Source: Pwinsider

-- The Kofi Kingston PPV special that aired last month is now available on WWE Classics on Demand. This was the "Boom Boom Boom" special that was originally planned as a DVD release by the company. The WWE's Highest Flyers is also currently running on PPV.

-- Former WWE star Zach Gowen provided an interview on a recent Colt Cabana "Art of Wrestling" podcast, which you can listen to at He discusses the help he received from the WWE Wellness program, locker room heat he had, and more. He says there was a standing ovation was he was KO'd in a match.

-- Jerry Lawler drew one of the variant covers to the comic book The Lone Ranger: The Death of Zorro #1. It will be released this March.

-- WWE is offering a package deal on their WWEShop website where fans can order the Bobby Heenan DVD and a WCW T-shirt. Odd considering how much Heenan slammed WCW after it closed.

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