Christy Hemme is backstage with Immortal, she congratulates Kaz on his win earlier. Flair says Beer Money is next, they only have two more titles to go, let's do it. Hemme asks about RVD's opponent and Styles' replacement for tonight. Bischoff says Abyss will be replacing Styles tonight in his match against Doug Williams for the TV Title. Bischoff says he guarantees they will win all of the gold tonight. He didn't answer the question about RVD, or at least if he did, I didn't catch it.

TNA Tag Team Championship Match
- The Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs. Beer Money

It looks like Shelley and Roode will be starting things out for their respective teams tonight. Shelley throws his shirt in Roode's face and Roode responds with a shove. Both men stare each other down, but neither acts. They circle each other, and finally lock up. Roode goes behind Shelley with a waist lock, but Shelley fights out into a hammerlock. Roode gets up to his feet and knocks Shelley to his back grabbing his ankle and wrenching on it. Shelley gets out of it neatly only to be put right into a headlock by Roode. Shelley fights out but eats a quick shoulder block. Shelley is able to come back with a nice back heel kick to Roode's face which is good for a near fall. Roode gets up and chops Shelley. Storm comes in and eats a hip toss and a couple of big blows from both Shelley and Sabin. Sabin tags in and we get some awesome double team work on Storm, then stereo round kicks on Roode.

Sabin locks in a wrist lock and tags right back out to Shelley. Shelley works over the arm a bit more and tags right back out to Sabin, who leap frogs Shelley to come crashing down on Storm's arm. Storm is able to lock in a headlock, but Shelley makes the blind tag. Storm ends up on the apron and Shelley sets up an assisted dropkick from Sabin before the Guns hit stereo dives on both members of BMI on opposite sides of the ring. Back in the ring, Shelley goes to the top and tries for a double stomp on Storm, but Storm moves out of the way, only to ear a back crescent kick. Shelley tries for sliced bread, but he can't connect and Roode comes in with a clothesline to the back of Shelley's head. Storm goes for the pin and only gets two so he comes right back with a neackbreaker before tagging in Roode and hitting a double team shoulderblock. Roode hits a high knee drop and goes for a cover but Sabin is quick to break it up.

Roode backs Shelley up into the corner and lays into him with a couple of blows before seating him down on the mat and leaping over him with a snapping neckbreaker. Storm tags out to Roode who comes in and locks in a rear chin lock with his knee buried in Shelley's back. Shelley tries to fight up to his feet but Roode stomps down. Roode spits at Sabin and this infuriates him. BMI try for a couple of double team moves while the ref is tied up with Sabin, but Shelley fights them off and hits sliced break on Storm. Shelley reaches for the tag, but Roode pulls him from the apron at the last second, preventing the tag. Storm drags Shelley to the other side of the ring and tags in Roode who continues to work down Shelley with a rear chin lock. Shelley is able to fight back to his feet but he rungs right into a big back elbow which is good for another two count. Storm tags in and BMI use Shelley's legs like a wishbone, pulling away, before Storm locks in what almost looks to be a really bad last chancery.

Roode is back in the match and he taunts Shelley while standing in between he and Sabin. Roode hits a short arm clothesline and a quick neckbreaker which is good for yet another near fall. Another tag for BMI, and Storm comes in with a punch to Shelley's gut before ripping at Shelley's face and mouth. Roode tags back in and BMI try for another double team combination but Shelley is able to fight both men off. Shelley goes for the tag. Storm tries to pull Sabin from the apron again, but he fails. Sabin tags in and comes in as a house of fire hitting a big dopkick and kick to the chest to Roode. Sabin seats Roode on the top turnbuckle and hangs him in the tree of woe coming in with a big hesitation dropkick. Storm is in and he eats a suplex on top of his own partner from Sabin. Sabin catches a charging Roode in the corner with a big boot before coming off the middle rope with a big hurricarana. Awesome spike double team DDT from the Funs is good for a near fall but it's broken up by Storm.

Sabin and Storm fight to the outside. Back in the ring, Roode puts Shelley on the top rope but Shelley fights him off. Sabin comes off the top out of nowhere with a big clothesline and Shelley follows it up with a double stomp, but that's not all. Storm comes in and hits a backstabber on Shelley. Roode and Sabin trade holds and Sabin goes to the ropes only to have beer spat in his face, and turn around into a spinebuster from Roode. Roode goes for the cover but it's still not enough. Shelley comes in with a couple of big chops to Roode. Shelley hits a baseball slide on Storm, and elbow and Roode, and a dive over the top to the floor on top of Storm. Shelley and Sabin connect with double team kicks to Roode's head and Sabin pins Roode. The ref counts, but Storm pulls him out of the ring before three. Shelley goes to the top and dives out on top of Storm. Sabin goes for a springboard DDT, but Roode counters with a pinning Northern lights suplex but it's only good for two.

All four men trade kicks and blows in the ring. Shelley is taken out and Sabin is hit with the DWI, but Sabin is able to kick out at two. Another DWI attempt and Sabin fights it off. Shelley holds on to Roode and Sabin goes for a yakuza kick but Roode moves and Sabin connects with Shelley. Sabin looks shocked and he gets caught with a flash pin. Roode holds on and gets the three count.

Winners and NEW TNA Tag Team Champions: Beer Money Inc.

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