TNA World Championship Match
- Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Mr. Anderson

Jeff Hardy makes his way to the ring in street clothes smoking a cigarette, and taking his time to get in for his match.

Hardy ducks a clothesline and takes Anderson down with a series of right hands. Hardy continues to lay in with more rights before hitting a twist of hate. Hardy pins Anderson, but Anderson is able to kick out at two. Hardy is shocked and he argues with the ref. Hardy stomps away at Anderson before choking him with his boot. Hardy picks Anderson up, and hits another twist of hate. Another cover from Hardy, and another kick out from Anderson.

Hardy kicks at Anderson before stomping away at him repeatedly. Hardy picks Anderson up again, and this time Anderson grabs Hardy by the belt and throws him outside to the floor. On the floor, Morgan connects with a discus clothesline while the ref has his back turned. Morgan rolls Hardy into the ring and Anderson goes for the quick cover, only to get a two count.

Hardy and Anderson get to their knees, then their feet, trading blows the whole time. Anderson scores a series, but Hardy gets a kick to the gut. Anderson hits a clothesline, elbow, then a spinning neckbreaker, and it's good for another near fall. Anderson is able to get back to his feet first, and he stomps on Hardy's hand before raking his eyes. Anderson picks Hardy up and sends him into the corner, but he's met with a whisper in the wind. Anderson is able to roll to the outside before Hardy can pin him. Hardy follows Anderson to the outside and he grabs a steel chair. Mick Foley is out from the back to grab the chair out of Hardy's hands. That brings out Flair, and security is out to break things up. Back in the ring, Hardy goes to the top turnbuckle, but he's stopped by Anderson and crotched. Anderson goes up after Hardy, going for a superplex, but Hardy is able to fight it off and shove Anderson down to the mat. Hardy connects with the swanton and goes for the cover but Anderson still will not die.

Anderson has a little cut on his forehead. Hardy goes to pick up Anderson, and Anderson connects with the standing Green Bay plunge. Hardy is right back up and he hits a running clothesline. Hardy calls to the back and his brother Matt makes his way out to assist. Before Matt can do anything, RVD is out to fight with him to the back. While everyone is distracted, Bischoff rolls into the ring, and teases a chair shot, but Anderson stops him with a kick to the stomach and a mic check. Hardy comes back into the ring and tries for the twist of hate, but Anderson fights it off, connects with the mic check, and pins Hardy for the three count as members of Fortune are running down the ramp.

Winner and NEW TNA World Champion: Ken Anderson

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