Source: PWInsider

-- TNA obviously had to get the world title off Jeff Hardy due to pending legal issues. He's going to plead guilty to serious drug charges on January 20th and TNA knows the guilty plea will receive a lot of media attention. The last thing they want is the media articles referring to their 'current' champion as a drug addict.

-- TNA aired an Eliminate the Hate video package prior to Genesis for people at the show, followed by a Don West Brown Bag Special video.

-- So Cal Val came out priot to the Genesis PPV and introduced the two announce teams, then Jeremy Borash for the monthly bleacher wars and announcement that the loudest fans will be going backstage.

-- After the Genesis PPV went off the air, Mr. Anderson and referee Earl Hebner celebrated and played to the crowd as we noted earlier.

-- WWE's Tyler Reks actually started trending on Twitter after Hardy made his TNA debut, apparently because of fans making comparisons and/or thinking it was Reks.

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