Triple H's The Chaperone is planned to get a short theatrical release started the weekend of February 18th. Like previous WWE Studios efforts Legendary and Knucklehead, the film will get a Blu-Ray/DVD release soon after, on March 8th. reports that despite the winter weather gripping the Southeastern United States that forced the postponement of tonight's Smackdown house show in Huntsville, AL; Monday Night Raw in Nashville WILL take place as scheduled. Doors open at 6:15 pm CT/with matches starting at 7:15 pm The event will air live on USA Network at 8:00 pm CT/9:00 pm ET.

We are expected to get ANOTHER 12-18 inches here in Albany, NY starting tomorrow night and going through Wednesday. Are you serious with this?! We'll be close to three feet after this one. Anyone want any snow?!?

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