Credit: James Andrue and

I was at last night's Raw taping in Nashville.

They aired the usual Wrestlemania video before the show. I am sort of surprised they don't run the trailers for their films since we are a captive audience anyway!

Before Raw went on the air, the Superstars bouts saw Gail Kim defeat Alicia Fox and there was a fun eight man tag with David Hart Smith, Yoshi Tatsu, Primo and Darren Young defeating William Regal, Zach Ryder and the Usos. I thought Primo was a heel now?

The Shawn Michaels appearance was easily the biggest reaction to anything all night. Nashville literally exploded when his music hit. There was a little girl to my right literally crying when Michaels hit the ring.

They did a nice job of hiding CM Punk live in the building before he showed up on top of the Tron. We didn't see him getting raised up or anything like that.

After Raw went off the air, John Cena showing up got a monster reaction as well since we all thought he was home. He looked decent in the ring and I didn't notice any moment where he looked "off" It was hilarious to watch fans rushing out because the live show was over and then turning and running back to their seats when Cena's theme song hit.

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