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-- Kevin Nash tweeted the following in Shawn Michaels: "Congratulations to @ShawnMichaels_ the greatest. Is the HOF even enough? Come on Vince. Bronze statue in the lobby?"

-- El Generico vs. TJ Perkins is set for tonight's TNA iMPACT! tapings, likely in a dark/tryout match. Both men have had tryout matches this week.

-- Sean Weymouth sent this one in: Prior to last night's taping, Universal Studios had an autograph signing with non other than RVD which didn't seem well promoted (aside from a guy with a megaphone in the middle of the "road"). It was held at the gift shop right outside TNA's soundstage, with the signing happening right out on the "street". RVD was very cool signing on TNA stationary, a program (if you wanted to buy one - I did) and anything else you had with you. He did pictures with everyone after signing for them. He was in good spirits and even recalled a show I saw him at for ECW in Waltham Mass! I asked him how it was facing Matt Hardy and he said he preferred his singles match rather than the tag match (I was asking about the PPV match, I am guessing he was referring to something that happened at Monday's taping - I haven't read the spoilers). I also got to get a picture with Jimmy Hart who was running the signing. When I was there, there was only a handful of people in line, it may have gotten busier after I left. Before RVD got there I spotted non other than Vince Russo walking with someone towards the soundstage. He was nice enough to stop and pose for a picture and shake my hand. He even made a joke about my hat (I was wearing a silly safari hat and he asked if it was a Bushwhackers hat). It was a pretty cool perk for being in the right place at the right time.

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