Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry, here are the highlights…

On HBK In The Hall Of Fame: I agree w/ a recent Kevin Nash Tweet that if WWE had a physical Hall of Fame that Shawn Michaels should have a statue erected in his honor. Was anyone in the modern age of wrestling ever a better all around performer? Only Ric Flair is likely in the same zip code considering years of service at the top of the card. As great a fan favorite as HBK was, I think his best work was as a villain.

On Refereeing: I remember donning the striped shirt for a Dory Funk, Jr vs Harley Race NWA Title bout in Tulsa and I tried to catch both men violating the rules just as I would in any football or basketbll game I officiated. Try as I might, Dory & Harley allowed one to 'catch' them when they choose to do so. Those 2 HOF'ers were masters of their domain I assure you. Today's rookies AND main eventers can learn a great deal by studying Race and Funk.

On Scaffold Matches: Emailer....Yes Scaffold Matches are very difficult to broadcast/call for a play by play guy. These type bouts limit what the athletes can do and are very dangerous. Don't know if WWE will ever do one but if they did it would likely be in a domed stadium at a Wrestlemania. The best Scaffold Match I ever saw was Rock 'n Roll Express vs. the Midnight Express back in the Mid South days. Most other Scaffold Matches that I've called or seen haven't been even close to the incomparable battles the two Express teams had.

On Being In Video Games: Emailer...I'm not in the SD vs Raw video game but am in the upcoming WWE All Star video game that will be released the Tuesday of WM27 week. I hope everyone buys it as 'baby needs new shoes.' It was a blast to do. Old school mixed w/ new school.

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