WWE Superstars Results (Jan. 13th) - 8 Man Tag & More

Commercial Break

John Morrison Promo

Shawn Michaels HOF Promo

Yoshi, Primo, DH Smith, and Darren Young all enter the ring to Yoshi's music. An eight man tag match is on for the main event after the commercial.


WWE Hall Of Fame Induction Promo Featuring Shawn Michaels

Yoshi, DH Smith, Primo, & Darren Young vs. William Regal, Zack Ryder, & The Uso's

Yoshi's music is still running when we return. William Regal's music hits and he is accompanied by the Usos and Zack Ryder. Regal and Primo start off the match as Primo chases Regal back to the corner for a tag. He tags Jimmy Uso in; the commentators discuss that Jimmy Uso is the twin with the chest tattoo. There are fairly quick tags back and forth on each team. DH Smith is tagged in and dominates Regal, then Ryder with a few power moves. Jay Uso is tagged in and turns the offensive on DH Smith. Ryder is tagged in and DH Smith quickly puts him down, then follows up with knocking the rest of Ryder's team off the apron. DH Smith is then attacked by one of the men he knocked off which gives Ryder an opportunity to put DH Smith in an arm-bar.


We come back from commercial and DH Smith and Jay Uso are in the ring. Young is tagged into the match and knocks Jay out onto the floor. Jay gets back into the ring and makes a tag to Regal who dominates Young. Regal tags in Ryder who also takes a solid offensive on Young. Young finally gets a tag to Primo who takes out Ryder and the rest of the team. Primo sweeps Ryders leg and gets a near fall. Primo follows that up with a top-rope tornado ddt, and as he covers Ryder, The Usos and Regal get into the ring. That makes the other team get into the ring as well, and everyone but the two legal men and Yoshi end up on the mat outside the ring. Yoshi is then tagged in by Primo. Yoshi kicks Ryder in the back of the head, makes a cover and gets a three count. The winning team stands victorious in the ring as the losing team retreats up the ramp.

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